QA Report #8

Help! I’ve forgotten what day it is! Actually, I think they’re kind of all running together into one big blur lately.

I need for you to know that I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself, too. Instead of getting any better at all, my desk has only gotten worse. I did some “work” in that corner of my studio this week, which always makes a mess, and since it was already a mess, now it’s an even bigger disaster. In fact, I even drug out a whole bunch of stuff that I refuse to put away until I’ve gone through it, knowing I don’t have time to go through it right now. But, hey, that’s the way my mind works. Or maybe my mind isn’t really working, and that’s why I’m in this pickle.

Coupled with completely forgetting that today is Wednesday and I’d have to report in on the progress of the desk cleaning, well . . . you get the picture.

But not a real picture . . . I’m too ashamed.

However . . . I’m renewing my resolve to tackle it and get it under control once and for all. It’s a new month, and while I have what seems like even more to do than usual, I’m committing anew to getting the following things done THIS month:

1) My taxes! Ack! WHY do I procrastinate so?

2) Clean off the desk (here’s how it originally looked)

3) Finish cleaning off the mailing counter (once the desk is finished)While I go bury myself in a pile of something that needs to be sorted out, you just hop on over to Bari’s and see how much better everyone else is doing . . . it’s too depressing here.

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  1. Isn’t messiness a sign of creativity? At least thats what I say!! And taxes – ugh… good luck!

  2. I am sorry, Shelly, but you really should be a comedienne (sp?). If I’d been drinking coffee I know I would have snorted it all over my keyboard…

    Your desk WILL get better! It always gets worse before it gets better. Ask me how I know?!

    Also I can so sympathize with your tax situation. DH does our taxes and he was ready for me to do mine so he could finish ours on February 1 I think. Mine got finished on February 28, and if he hadn’t been breathing down my neck they STILL wouldn’t be done!

    With that new American Cowboy Coffee you have, you should get a LOT done this month! LOL. I think I would have to go with the regular calf and not the D-calf version though….

    Keep on going!

  3. […] can see last week’s picture here to really tell the progress . . . because I can hear you thinking: “What’s so big about […]

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