Weekly Challenge – March 5

I should just give it up . . .

Shouldn’t I?

I mean . . . really . . .

I’ve been having so much trouble with structure and schedules lately. All my usual To-Dos are suffering miserably, while I’m doing . . . what? I can’t even remember . . . what is it that I’m doing that is keeping me from doing the usual or the stuff I feel like I’m supposed to be doing?

Is it because the sun was shining this week?

Is it because I broke my longarm and haven’t been using it all week?

Is it because I baked a cake, rode a horse (or two), played with the dogs and cats a little more, watched an old movie, visited with a friend, spent time with My Cowboy?

If so, it was all worth it (except for the broken longarm part). 

I tried, I really, really tried, to work on my Patriotic Challenge Quilt this past week. I got out the box, the pattern, and all the pieces, and I cut one little teensy tiny square. Then I put it all back away again and went to bed. Does that even count? Somehow I can’t rationalize that it does . . . especially since I don’t have anything to show you.

However, I’m nothing if not stubborn (just ask My Cowboy), so I’m trying again. I’m setting out yet another Weekly Challenge for myself. This week I’m going to decide what to do with these blocks and get busy on it:

What will YOU be doing for your Weekly Challenge?

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  1. I have a green and yellow string quilt I am working on. I found myself low on yellow scrap (it isn’t a color I use much) and had set it aside. But, a friend brought me some so I pulled it out again. I have (I think) 18 blocks to go. And then sew them together. I think my goal is to finish the blocks this week.

    I really like the quilt you have on the wall. Leaving a nice white space in between will be great show off space (when your long-arm is working again). I’d love to see it finished–makes one hope for spring through all the snow. (It does look a little like a bunch of early spring flowers pushing up through a field of white, don’t you think?)

  2. I am working on an ABC wall quilt for my first grandson, to be born in July. (But I want to give the unquilted top to my daughter for her baby shower in April. Her older sister is going to quilt it for her before the baby is born.) I managed to get the blocks done and the setting strips cut out, and the first row sewn together.

    The blocks on your wall remind me of the 9-patch quilts my grandma used to make.

  3. Oh my goodness Shelly what happened to your Longarm??

  4. […] week for my Weekly Challenge, I said I was going to decide what to do with these blocks, even if it hairlips me. Well, […]

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