The Color Red

Probably the thing that inspires me most is my favorite color.


I’m drawn to it like a mosquito to an electric bug zapper.

I use it every chance I get. 

It’s probably the color I wear the most. 

I’m wearing a red shirt right this instant.

I have a pair of red cowgirl boots.

I have a really cool pair of red shoes my daughter bought me.

I drive a red truck.

My kitchen has always been some form of red.

In fact, my kitchen walls are painted bright red

I have a red coffeemaker, and I want a red Kitchen Aide mixer. My sister has one, and I’m jealous.

I can’t resist red fabric, which is why I have TWO bins of reds in my stash.

I’m inspired by RED.

I think it’s the color of passion.

I’m passionate about RED.

I have to force myself NOT to use it in the quilts I make, just so I’ll do something different once in awhile.

What’s YOUR favorite color?

Does it inspire you?

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  1. I love red too…although I love it in a “it’s on my yellow-orange-red spectrum” way. My husband is absolutely crazy about the color orange (and after having been to Big Bend National Park and seeing Mexico from the top of the Chisos mountains, I have to agree with him), especially when paired with a great blue. That combination for me is everything…a great red orange with a bright turquoise is just breathtaking…

  2. It’s so hard to pick. I love ALL colors! I am really drawn to pinks and greens. My kitchen was red when I lived in Idaho. Moved to Michigan and have to wait to buy a house again so I can get painting! Love your kitchen.

    • Don’t you love a fresh start? My BFF likes pinks and greens, especially together. Thanks for complimenting my shack!

  3. Red is AWESOME!

  4. My favorite color is pink, but I have been drawn more and more to reds lately. Love the deep rich reds. And yes the Schnibbles is a year long project. We do one a month. They are small quilts that make up pretty easily and are charm pack friendly.

    • Must . . . resist . . . Schnibbles . . . they sound like too much fun!

  5. Red is one of my favorite colors, too, but it’s the dark blue-reds and pink-reds that are my favorites. Many of my shirts are those colors. In fact, my daughters have tried to forbid me to buy anymore. Ha! It didn’t work! I have yards and yards of it in my stash, too, and I don’t know what I’m going to do with it!

    • I would not have guessed that . . . As I recall, we met because of a purple fabric swap!

      • Well, purple is a close second! When my clothes aren’t red, they are purple. Love purple-red, too!

      • Purple is a close second!

      • Sorry I posted twice — I think wordpress hiccupped!

  6. Red is nice, but I love a nice rusty orange!

    • Mmmm . . . yes, those are nice . . . and rusty reds . . . and bright oranges . . . heck, just all of them!

  7. Red and Green are my favorite colors.

    Yellow is my favorite color for decorating things……….but then I add green and then red and then blue…..and sometimes pink and sometimes black and sometimes some other color.

    But when I want something in a print…….when I want to buy fabric, I just can’t get out of the red and green family. Over the years I have bought more red and green or pink and green or yellow/honey with red and green vines and flowers than anything else. And I am always out of these fabrics. I currently have 5 projects underway that are red and white or red and yellow and green.
    Moda makes the reds and greens that I just can’t resist……they are not Christmasy but Italian or antiquey terracotta roses and avocado and sage greens.

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