Weekly Challenge – March 12

I’m so glad I didn’t give up.

Things are so much better around Prairie Moon Quilts since I got my longarm going again. I’m sure My Cowboy is even more relieved than I am, since he’s the poor soul who had to listen to me whine. I’m starting to get settled into my normal quilting life again, which basically, is nowhere near normal, whatever that is, but it works for me . . . usually . . . until my longarm breaks. But let’s just hope that never happens again.

Last week for my Weekly Challenge, I said I was going to decide what to do with these blocks, even if it hairlips me. Well, that’s not exactly what I said, but I’m trying to make a point here. I DID decide . . . no hairlip appeared . . . and I have begun movement in the right direction toward implementing my plan. I have to make more blocks. I’ll show you when I’m all done, which hopefully won’t be too long.

My Weekly Challenge to myself for this next week is to finish all the blocks for the baby quilt I’m making for our nephew’s baby girl that is due in May. Here’s the fabric I bought for it . . .

Mmm . . . delicious . . . it’s the Blush collection by Moda. I’m using my own pattern, Stripper’s Delight, which you can see here, and also download for free, if you’re so inclined to try one for your ownself.

I hope to have a picture of my progress next update. Wouldn’t it just be TOO wonderful if I got further than just making the blocks and actually got them put together, too? Now I’m dreaming . . . 

What will YOU be doing for your Weekly Challenge? I’m checkin’ on you all . . . those of you who left comments . . . I’m spyin’ . . . ‘fess up!

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  1. I didn’t finish, but that is partly because the quilt grew. It started off as a 36-block throw. Well, I had so much fun I decided a twin would be better–that’s 80 blocks. Then, I decided that it would be for my parents and they have mostly queen-size beds so…now I need 100 blocks. The problem is I am out of one of the fabrics and need to go get more. I hope to do that today. I guess my challenge for this coming week is to finish the blocks…again.

    Does this count as three finishes since it is three different quilts…sort of….a little bit…..

    • I vote NO — then it won’t look like you got more done than I did . . . oh, wait, it probably will anyway . . . but I still vote NO! I’m making that whole jelly roll into blocks, and it should make enough for two quilts. I’m voting that THAT counts as two . . . but then My Cowboy always tells me that my vote never counts — hahaha!

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