Music to Quilt By

Yesterday I suggested to the readers of my other blog that they should put on their favorite music and get to quilting . . .

Cindy commented back: “I like to sew to oldies from the 60s/70s or light jazz music. But if things aren’t going well, I can’t have any music playing! lol”

Which got me to thinking . . . 

Do YOU listen to music while quilting? 

If so, WHAT do you listen to?

What’s YOUR favorite “music to quilt by”?

When I used to live in town, I listened to Classical when quilting, especially when hand quilting. It drowned out the sounds of the neighbors.

These days, I realized, I don’t listen to music at all when I’m in the house. I only listen to the radio in the truck, and then only occasionally. I love the peace and quiet of the farm, and love all the sounds of our farm. It’s even better when I can have the windows open, letting in the fresh air along with all the farm sounds . . . aaahhhhh . . . 

However, I realize that music can be very inspiring . . . and my tastes are pretty odd and wide-ranging. I love Hank Williams and Lady Ga-Ga, for starters . . . 

I’m interested in hearing what you listen to . . . leave a comment, and let us all know.

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  1. Old rock ‘n roll music… Beatles, songs like “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, get an ugly girl to be your wife…”, Michael Jackson, the “Twist”, Michael Bublé – Sway, Come Fly With Me… New York, New York, Donna Summer and her disco music.

    Music usually has to make me MOOOOVE!!!! *VBG*

    I love to dance in my chair!!! Hey! Is there a contest for “Chair Dancers”?!??! LOL

    Rosa Robichaud

    • There’s an idea! Since quilting isn’t a very aerobic activity, we could do that!

  2. When I sew I listen to National Public Radio – This American Life is my favorite. Or I’ll put in a movie I know by heart (like any Harry Potter movie!) or a series I have on DVD (like NCIS). I can’t listen to music – I tend to concentrate too much on the music instead of what I’m doing. And I’m getting too old to do two things at once LOL!

    However, when I quilt on the frame I must listen to music – Lifehouse, Keith Urban, Matchbox 20, Oldies from the 70’s, movie soundtracks or Dave Koz. Almost anything but rap!

  3. Just like Rose and yourself, I listen to everything and anything while sewing/quilting. But the one thing that really gets me going is a group called Ozomatly. They are just way too cool. :o)

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