Friday News

There’s a lot going on tonight and tomorrow.

I’ll just be covering it all for you right now with this one post, OK?

Here we go . . .

Brace yourself . . .

Item #1) Friday Night Sew-In

If you haven’t gone and gotten yourself all signed up for this fun, what are you waiting for? My guild’s annual retreat starts tonight, so I’m hinging my Friday Night Sew-In right in with that, and I intend to stay up late with all my quilting buddies and get lots done. Furthermore, I’m just going to continue right on into tomorrow and keep going with that plan . . . which leads me to . . .

Item #2) National Quilting Day

Yes, that’s right. If you’re a quilter, and you haven’t heard that tomorrow is National Quilting Day, where have you been? You need to have quilty plans — this is a momentous occasion in the life of any quilter! I’ll be at my guild’s retreat (see Item #1) quilting away all day long. The food is being catered, so I can just eat and quilt and eat and quilt with nary a worry all day (except for the snow that’s in the forecast — yuck!). What will you be doing?

In honor of National Quilting Day, I’m running a one-day-only special in my online store. You can read all about it here: What’s New at Prairie Moon Quilts. Go take advantage of me it while it lasts — one day only, March 20th, National Quilting Day. Don’t miss it. Next . . .

Item #3) National Agriculture Day

March 20th is National Agriculture Day. A day to give a big shout out to all the folks who produce all the stuff we eat. If you’re one of them, you deserve this day of recognition, even if you’re just producing for yourself and your own family. You can read more about it here:, and here: Why It’s Important. Let’s all thank a farmer!

Item #4) First Day of Spring

March 20th . . . First Day of Spring . . . and we have snow in the forecast . . . I really hope they’re wrong this time. But since I’ll be with all my quilting friends at a retreat, it really shouldn’t bother me. I’m leaving My Cowboy home to do all the chores, so it won’t be any skin off my teeth, right? Besides, it’s spring — how long can a snow storm last? Don’t answer that . . .

Well, there you have it . . . I think I’ve about covered it all. That should be plenty to keep you busy for the next day or two. I’m anxious to hear how you celebrated, so leave me a comment and tell me a story . . .

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