Weekly Challenge – March 19

Turns out I was dreaming! I didn’t get those blocks put together. I did, however, get them made. I just haven’t decided on the best layout yet. Here was my first attempt, and I didn’t like it, so I took them down and will try another layout soon.

And now it’s time to offer up another Weekly Challenge to myself. What will it be this time? I waffle between “Do I want to make it easy on myself?” or “Should I give myself a real challenge?” I’m hoping that this one lands somewhere in between. This week’s Weekly Challenge will be to finish Bella’s Baby Quilt. I’m so close to done. I’m hand quilting it, so it’s slow going, but it really shouldn’t be THAT slow. I don’t want her to be in Kindergarten before she gets it. So I am going to try my best to actually get it done this week. Tune in next Friday to see if I’ve flopped on my face or gained a victory over procrastination . . .

What will you be doing for a Weekly Challenge this week? Deanna, do you have those string blocks done? Hope, how’s that baby quilt coming along?

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  1. One baby quilt is on hold while I make the baby’s christening outfit. (I can give her the unfinished top at the shower if necessary.) Shannon is hand-quilting the other one.
    It looks as thought it’s going to be a great weekend to stay inside and sew! Right now, we are in the 8-12″ bull’s-eye center of the storm (maybe it will change before it hits!). Happy first day of spring on Saturday!

  2. I did get the blocks done. If I were really ambitions I would say that my weekly challenge is to sew them together(100 of them), but…probably not. I mention it because if it does happen, I will be really pleased. But, my real challenge is to finish my niece’s Easter Dress. It is crocus colors with butterflies and a girly-girl layered skirt. WIth Easter right around the corner, it has to be priority.

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