Weekly Challenge – April 2

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but once again, I fizzled on this week’s Weekly Challenge. I cannot seem to get over whatever is ailing me, and it’s really upsetting my regular quilting schedule.

My goal for this past week was to catch up on my Farmer’s Wife Sampler blocks. I did make one, and got started on another, but I’m still 5 blocks behind. Here’s the one I finished . . . the Broken Sugar Bowl block.

While I will still probably chip away at catching up on those this next week, I’m not keeping that as my Weekly Challenge — oh, no, that would be too easy and obvious! And not in my usual flitting style at all, so . . . 

My Weekly Challenge to myself for this next week is to get back to my regular longarm schedule. I have customer quilts waiting, and I’ve been too weak and sick to even turn the machine on for two entire weeks. Not only am I getting behind, but I really do miss it and want to quilt! So by setting this as my goal, I’m willing myself to get better and get back in the land of the living, and get something accomplished. Even though I am taking a couple days off for the Easter holiday, I still hope to be able to show you the quilt I have loaded right now as a finished project by next week’s report. 

What will YOU be doing for your Weekly Challenge next week?

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  1. Your block looks great. Sorry you have been feeling ill. Hope you feel better soon and are back at the long arm!

  2. Shelly, I love the fabric you’ve used in these blocks! Sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. I hope you are back to 100% soon.
    I finished two Sesame Street flannel dolly quilts for the grandbabies this week, to go with the Elmo dolls I crocheted for them.
    Still working on baby Nolan’s christening outfit. It has embroidered collar and sleeves now. I did lots of the work by hand because I love those little tiny accurate stitches.
    Also started crocheting a baby afghan for Nolan’s room. It’s dark and light gray-blue with tan.

  3. Could it be a sinus infection? They feel sort of like a cold but will not go away. You might want to check into that. My Father seems to get one during calving season about every other year.

    OK–enough medical advice.

    As I commented earlier this week, I finished the string quilt top and back. Now to get it quilted (which I do not do myself on queen size projects).

    This week I am working on a number of smaller things–mostly a sample quilt for the LQS (Local Quilt Shop). It has applique blocks, which I have not tried before, and that is my main challenge. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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