QA Report #12

Wow! I’m off to a rip-roaring start for April! I didn’t even look cross-eyed at one single one of my projects.

The projects:

1) Finish the kitchen remodel

The construction crew cancelled for Monday, and are scheduled to come on Friday instead. So, altho pushed back, it’s not cancelled altogether, just delayed a few days. I still have hope . . .

2) Finish Bella’s Baby quilt

I know where it is . . . does that count? I think not . . . I’m so close, yet so far . . . ugh!

3) Finish Carter’s snake quilt

I’m not even sure where this project is located at the moment. I know that a few of the snakes still need their eyes attached, then the quilt is ready for the borders, so once I find it, it shouldn’t take me long to finish up. Theoretically . . . 

4) Finish his baby sister’s baby quilt

The blocks for this quilt are still laying in a basket right where I put them when I finished making them. They just need to be set together and have the borders added . . . how hard can that be?

I’m not even offering up any excuses, because I can’t think of any! I sure hope I do better for next week. See if others are having more luck than I am over at Bari’s . . .

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  1. You sound too much like me, LOL….I have no idea where half of my projects are. I know they are in the house and will show up when they are ready to be done 🙂

  2. How funny,Shelly! I laugh, but right now my sewing room is snowed under in stuff from all the stuff I have been trying to get done and to find!

    It is early in April yet….we still have time to finish with a bang!

    • I’m just afraid my “bang” will be a major explosion!

  3. Bari is right we still have plenty of time. Could it be that we all just try to do to much? I think maybe.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s true. There never seems to be enough time to do all the quilting I’d like to do (even when I ignore the housework!) . . .

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