We Meet Again . . .


It was a long, hard winter, and one of our QQB members, Marge, escaped to Arizona to wait it out, leaving us remaining three Quilting Queen Bees here to battle the elements without benefit of QQB meetings for FOUR entire months!

But last night, we finally got to meet again, our first meeting since December 3, 2009. Doesn’t that sound like just AGES ago?

Way back then, at our last meeting, we all made pretty large Lists of things we hoped to get done between December 3 and April 8. OK, OK, I made a large list, and the other three made normal realistic ones . . . 

Some of our members . . . ahem . . . actually got quite a bit accomplished, and the Show & Tell portion of last night’s party was fantastic! 

I’ll give you a picture show of this portion, and you can relive the QQB Show & Tell virtually with me. It’ll be just like being there . . . cough . . . cough . . . 

We’ll begin with Rose Marie . . . overachiever that she is . . . rubbing it in that she’s retired now and just has all sorts of time to quilt . . . I’ll refrain at this moment from calling her a bad name . . . which I could probably get away with, since she’s my best friend, but I’ll be nice.

She first showed 2 quilts she’s shown before as tops, that are now quilted. Those can be seen in previous QQB Report posts, so I won’t show them again here, and we’ll start with things you haven’t seen before. The first quilt she showed us was this. I don’t know the exact name of the pattern; let’s call it a pinwheel of some sort, since she claims to have been in a “pinwheel phase” lately, but it’s a cute and bright little thing.

Before I continue, let me tell you that Rose Marie came up with the insane brilliant idea of creating a Christmas quilt for each bed in the homes of her children, so that’s a total of 9 bed-sized quilts. She wants to have them all done by THIS coming Christmas season, so some of her recent/current projects are for that purpose. So now on with the show.

First, we have Carolina Christmas, obviously one of the Christmas Quilts.  This was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Project. It’s HUGE. And very very nice.

Then there’s a Baskets Quilt. This is also going to be one of the Christmas Quilts, and will eventually have a red and green border around it to finish it off.

She made a Snowman Club Quilt through a BOM program at Sticky Wicket. Believe it or not, this is NOT one of the Christmas Quilts, because she says it won’t fit any of the beds she is making the Christmas Quilts for.

Then we move on to an old UFO she dug out and finally completed, years later. A Stack ‘n’ Whack quilt.

And we have an Attic Windows quilt, a design from Kaffe Fassett, in which she used 98.44% Kaffe fabrics.

That’s enough out of Rose Marie. We’ll move on to Marge’s accomplishments. She hauled her sewing machine and several bins of projects clear down to Arizona with her, and just sewed her little heart out the whole time she was there, apparently. 

First, she showed this adorable little redwork baby quilt.

Then this bright embroidered baby quilt.

Then she showed this Stripper’s Delight II quilt made from a Honey Bun.

While she was down in Snowbird country, she participated in a Mystery Quilt project at the LQS there.

And she made this Nickels & Dimes table runner from a pattern of mine.

She made this table runner as well. This pattern was a QQB challenge project — we all made one. See the disgusted look on her face as she’s displaying this one? She is calling it her “Ugly Table Runner”. Why? Because she doesn’t like the quilting she did on it. I didn’t think it was so bad that I would call it the “Ugly Table Runner”, though. Hey, at least it’s finished!

In addition, she found time to make all these cute little tea towels.

And that’s the end of Marge’s show. We’ll move on next to Katy. Katy makes beautiful quilts. Katy has the most admirable sense of color. Katy is my sister. She got all that gene, and left me none of it — it’s just not fair!

Here is Katy’s quilt called Vicksburg, a pattern by Bonnie Blue Quilts. Gorgeous!

And just to rub it in, she is finished with her top for the 2009 Kansas City Star BOM (we’re doing all of them together, and I’m seriously behind), a design by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth, called Women of Influence. It’s very large . . . I’m more behind than I even thought.

That’s it for Show & Tell. Are you as impressed as I was? I really enjoyed seeing what we’d all been working on. 

Me? I showed my Home Sweet Home wall quilt, and my Stashballs quilt. Those were a couple I’d finished that they hadn’t seen. I’d finished a few more, but they were gifts and gone, so they won’t get to see those unless they’ve been reading the blog all along.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this. Rose Marie brought a book she thinks we should all read, and I, for one, intend to, if for nothing other than a good laugh, and some good recipes. This book is called “Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral”. It’s written by Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays, and they have a couple other titles equally as intriguing. I think I’ll read them all. You can pick up your copy here: “Being Dead Is No Excuse”.

And that wraps up the QQB virtual tour. Our next meeting is scheduled for May 6. Tune in again after that to see what the Quilting Queen Bees have been up to for a whole month.

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  1. Love your tale of the QQBs. I wish I could join you. Tell Rose Marie hello for me, and I can’t wait to join her in the ranks of the retired (I have 34 work days left.)

  2. Also, I think her idea of all the Christmas quilts is a great one!

  3. Thanks for show and tell. Everything looked wonderful.
    HOpe to see some of them in our quilt show this spring.

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