First Time Out

For me this year . . . 

I’m a wimp. I freely admit it. I love going beagling with My Cowboy, but I can’t bring myself to do it when it’s bitter cold outside, which, naturally, is of course the best time for chasing rabbits. So my last time out last season was sometime in November, and then I holed up for the winter. 

Meanwhile, my beagle, Jack, got fatter (much like his owner), and out of shape (even more like his owner), and we both needed to get out there and get the exercise. So since the weather is so much nicer these days, I finally made it out to the woods this past weekend, and my two old beagles, Jack and Rocky, got to go along. That’s Jack out in front, and Rocky in back.

We put down 6 dogs and they tracked a few trails. I could never get a picture of all 6 of them together . . . but here’s four of them working out a crossing . . . Louie, Fred, Jack, and Rocky . . .

And here’s some more of them jostling to all smell the exact same spot at the exact same moment. I’ve tried getting pictures of them before, and honestly, these are the best shots I’ve ever been able to get. And it always seems to be of their butts as they’re moving away! They move pretty fast, and stay in the brush a lot. I can’t even tell who’s in this picture, other than Barney, on the left, and Rocky on the right. (Yes, we have beagles named Fred and Barney.)

We’re hoping that there are plenty of rabbits this year. If they can just escape the bobcats and foxes and hawks, we’re hoping the population grows. We did notice some hunters in there last year, but we’re hoping they were terrible shots and didn’t actually kill anything!

Here when it gets even brushier and hot-hot, and the ticks and bugs get thick, I’ll wimp out yet again. I love summer and don’t mind going then, but I seem to be a bit accident-prone in the woods in the summer, and something always happens to me. One time I got bit by a caterpillar (don’t ask), twice I’ve had tick fever, and once a tree nearly fell on me. It might just be the safest thing for me to stay home and quilt.

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