The Right Idea . . .

Bonnie is sacked out for an afternoon nap in the sunshine.

I’m thinkin’ she’s got the right idea . . . 

Did you know that in a herd of horses, not every horse will lay down all at the same time? There is always at least one horse that “stands guard” over the others while they’re sleeping. Isn’t that such a sweet thing? Bette is watching over Bonnie during this nap. I do wonder what happens when there’s only one horse all by itself? Poor thing . . . how does it ever get any rest?

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  1. One time, one of my students was checking on my horses and house while I was away. She wasn’t much of a horse person, but called and said two of the horses were laying down. She’d never seen them laying down and was concerned that they were sick or dead. I asked her: Is it a nice, warm, sunny day? (This was early spring, too.) She said, “yes.” I told her to relax, just like they were doing! ha ha. It was cute.

  2. Cattle do something similar — they leave all the babies curled up snugly in the grass, with one cow (or even sometimes the bull) to babysit. I always wonder how they communicate that message? “I’ll stay here and babysit; the rest of you go off to graze.”

    • I know! I’ve often wondered how they pick the “babysitter”, too! Or if “Poor Martha” always gets stuck being the one . . . haha!

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