Spring to Finish

While I was in Paducah, I was so inspired from looking at the show, that I sort of lost my mind a little more.

Once a part of my mind takes off on its own, it never seems to come back.

It usually spells trouble.

So I was online in my motel room one evening and found this: Spring to Finish.

It’s a challenge being offered up by Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

I haven’t yet stopped drooling over her Selvedge quilt.

She does inspire me.

So of course, all inspired by the show, and then inspired by Jacquie’s challenge, I just jumped right in with both feet!

It was like being drunk on inspiration, and now I’m sober and holding my head in my hands, wondering what I’ve done.

(Can someone please tell me my name?)

I now have to list exactly what I think I’ll be finishing between now and May 31st.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a Professional Procrastinator?

Have I confessed yet that I’m a Flitter . . .?

. . . that I often bite off more than I can chew . . .?

. . . that my closest friends don’t even bother to hide the fact that they think I’m insane . . .?

. . . that I can even get My Cowboy to shake his head in disbelief at some of my undertakings?

Yeah . . . that’s me . . . 

Here to join in on the Spring to Finish Challenge.

Please note that Jacquie’s headline states Spring to Finish Challenge 2010.

That’s 2010 . . . not 2011 . . . yep . . . 2010 it is.

Can you see here that I’m even procrastinating on listing what I’ll be getting done?

Jeez . . . it’s a real sickness. I’ll try to rein myself in. 

Here’s what I’m thinking:

There’s a halfway point in this challenge with a give-away. If you have at least one thing finished by the halfway point, you can join in on the give-away. I’m guessing that if you don’t, you can’t. So since I don’t want to miss out on my chance in the give-away, I’m gonna have to finish something by May 10. That will be Project #1.

But at that point, I’ll still have just gobs and oodles of time to still complete something before May 31st, right? So that creation will take the Project #2 position.

So here they are:

Project #1: The Necktie Social Quilt

This quilt is the first to be finished for the Necktie Social Charity Project I sponsor. The Macon County (MO) Relay for Life is going to use this quilt as a fund-raiser for their summer event this year, and they are having a kick-off event on May 8, at which time the quilt will be unveiled. I don’t have much choice other than to get it done (thank goodness for all my prolific volunteers), and that will be before May 10, so I’m using this quilt as my first project to finish for this challenge. Here’s a shot of a portion of it:

Project #2: Alliance for American Quilts Contest Entry

I’ve been mulling over creating an entry for the “New From Old” contest being sponsored by The Alliance for American Quilts. You can read about it here, and also enter yourself, if you’re so inclined. Since I make new stuff from old stuff a lot, it’s right up my alley to make a quilt for this project, and the quilts will be auctioned for money that goes to support the work of the organization, so I’m all for that. Since the deadline for entry is May 31, I think I’ll go ahead and go for it, and make that my Project #2. 

So there you have it  . . .

Why don’t you sign up, too? 

Click here to do that: Spring to Finish . . . C’mon . . . do it!

Jacquie says it’s a good kick in the pants.

Sometimes we all need one of those.

(But that’s not quite how My Cowboy phrases it . . . )

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  1. You do know that 2010 is not set in stone don’t you? White out and edit buttons were created for people like us! LOL! However, I admire your spirit and I have no doubt that you can conquer those WIPS! I’ll cheer you on from the sidelines, but I’m not joining in…we’re about to begin branding around here and I doubt I’ll be spending much time outside of the kitchen for a while!

  2. Yay, you! Thank you for sharing this idea with me. I’ll head over and see if I am up to the challenge. In the meantime I wanted to let you know that I have have started a little blog to record my quilting life (partly due to inspiration by people like you).


    Thanks for nudge/kick!

  3. Whoops, I didn’t realize how my name would show up. I’m Deanna from the Hazel’s Diary Quiltalong.

  4. Go Shelly! I tried not to put anything on my list that had ‘real’ deadlines. But I seem to be doing okay. Kudos to you for putting your list out there. Giveaways are great motivators, eh?!

  5. […] first two items are from my Spring to Finish list, so I fully intend to have them both done on […]

  6. […] I finished both of the things I said I would. […]

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