QA Report #16

I’m SO done with that April QA list!

Not done, as in DONE . . .

. . . done as in moving on! 

Oh, yes, I could continue to beat those dead horses, but it does NOT suit my flitting nature to stick with something like that, so I’m calling this a new month, and making a new list.

My kitchen is still not remodeled, my pantry is still exactly like it was a month ago (4 months ago), the mudroom is still not built. The snake quilt still needs its last two borders, the baby quilt still needs to be quilted and bound, and Bella’s quilt is still at the bottom of a pile . . . somewhere . . .

But phooey on all that stuff . . . I’m ready for something new!

It’s May . . . full on May . . . and here’s what I want to do with my May:

1) Clear the studio floor

I’m a pile-maker, and there are piles in the floor that I don’t want to be in the floor. I loved my studio when I first moved in, because it was so open and clean. I need it to be that way again — I’m starting with clearing the floor. Things need homes, I intend to address the situation of the homeless this month.

2) Address the scrap basket situation

I posted about this yesterday, and I fully believe that when I clear the floor of my studio, there will appear more fabric that should go in that basket, and it’s such a terrifying thought that I think I’ll spend some time taming the scrap piles, wherever they may be (since there’s more than one). I’ll get some more before pictures, so you can truly enjoy the effects of the after pictures at the end of the month (yeah, right).

3) Make a curtain for my studio

I’ve had my new studio for almost a year and a half. It’s high time I decided on a curtain and got it put up. No hill for a stepper, right?

And now, my friends, you will note that I am stopping at THREE items this time. Not that I won’t actually get more than those 3 done, but these are the thorns in my side that I’m addressing with this month’s Quilter’s Accountability Reports. Check the reports and progress of others over at Bari’s.

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  1. I hear ya! Sometimes it’s better to move on to things that will energize you rather than continue to push against things that only drain and frustrate you if they don’t get done. I think the disruption from all the home renovation work is disrupting your quilt flow too.

    I too am limiting my list this week to three but I’ve got a feeling that only two will get done. But que sera, sera!

  2. I like your philosophy! It is a totally NEW month, and NEW projects can sure get the things moving.

    Have you thought of using the scrap basket to actually make the curtains? (Not the basket itself, but the contents?) Kind of the two birds with one stone thing…..but it depends on how particular you are on whether the decor matches. I sure wouldn’t want to make curtains out of my scrap basket right now!

    I should take a photo of my studio to send to you…I pile everywhere. The Hunter used to keep a very neat house…til he married me anyway!

  3. From one piler to another, I’m with you. A similar thing needs to happen in my studio. I still cannot find a pattern I have been looking for for over a week now!!! GRRR…

  4. I so agree….sometimes it is best to just let go and move on.

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