It’s QQB Tonight

And I don’t have any progress made on my Pinwheels . . . 

It’s not like they’ll kick me out of the QQB . . . there are only 4 of us — I just tell myself they need me!

And, it’s not that I haven’t made ANY progress . . . I just haven’t made any visible progress, so I can’t prove that I’ve done anything.

I do, however, have a plan for the pinwheels. My sketch is drawn, my fabric is (mostly) picked out. I just haven’t had time to execute said plan, and the next meeting snuck up on me too fast. We meet tonight, and my pinwheels are still in a pile. I had to take my sewing machine in for service today (since it’s pitching a hissy fit) and therefore, I can’t make any progress before tonight.

Can I confess here that I shrivel a little inside when I don’t have my sewing machine at hand? Shaking, withdrawal, panic, anxiety . . . Oh, wait — maybe I just need coffee.

I also briefly perused my List of things I said I’d do . . . total failure! I did not check one single thing off the list! I’m not even TO the meeting yet, and I’m a flop! How will I face them? Oh, I know . . . the lure of a home-cooked meal — all inhibitions will fade when I smell my sister’s pot roast

I’m gathering the things I’m taking along. Perhaps the souvenirs I brought them all from Paducah will distract them from the fact that my List suffered from inattention all month. And I’m taking my book along:

I’ll be making a new list. Let’s hope I can exercise a little realism while I’m writing things down!

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  1. Souvenirs…good plan! Take something chocolate too! Then post your new list and I’ll nag you about it so you’ll get it all accomplished by the time the next meeting rolls around. Grin! Honestly though, don’t beat yourself up over it. There will never be enough hours in the day!

  2. Un buen plan relajarte,no hacerte tanto problema,una lista de tareas, es sólo eso,una lista. Debe ser un placer no algo que te estrese.
    Así un rico chocolate, una linda música y a coser lo que puedas y ya está. Un abrazo.

  3. Hang in there. You accomplish a lot. Cut yourself a little slack now and then!

  4. I agree, Karin and Marta — the chocolate sounds like a great idea!

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