Stash Report #19

Two weeks of making progress in the right direction. Slower than I’d like, but still . . . 

I was trying to think whether I had any specific idea in mind when I started doing Stash Reports about exactly what kind of progress I’d make this year. As far as stating an actual number of yards to use up, I didn’t. But I did say I’d like to be able to close the lids on all my bins, and have all my wayward piles either used up or integrated into the bins. The end of June is fast approaching, and I’m not sure I’ve made enough progress at this point. I need to get crackin’!

I have to confess right now, I bought some fabric this week. Most of it was to add to projects that are started that need one or two pieces to complete. So I behaved, and I did actually use more than I bought, so it’s OK . . . at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Used this week: 9.75 yds

Used Year to Date: 125.51 yds

Added this week: 3.75 yds

Added Year to Date: 155.51 yds

Net used for 2010: -30 yds

Still in the red, though . . . ack! Go see how everyone else is doing over at JudyL’s.

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  1. I can’t remember if I had a stated goal as in # of yards used or not. I’m just going for a general awareness of what’s going on in my quilting life.

  2. I was also going for an awareness of the amounts I add to my stash and use. My numbers are very low right now on both but the “adds” are starting to catch up to the “useds”. Knowing if I bought something for a specific project should also help me out in the future (I hope).

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