A Fabulous Find

My Cowboy and I spend a lot of time in Kentucky. There are plenty of activities of the type we like going on down there, and we have friends in the area, so we go quite often.

The AQS Show in April was yet another excuse to go to Kentucky, and while I was at the show, My Cowboy was off running dogs and judging field trials. He even ended up in Tennessee once or twice!

Even though the show ended on Saturday, we stayed on till Sunday. The guys took off with the dogs early in the morning, and Linda and Lexie and me slept in. (I so wanted to bring her couch home with me — I could have slept on that couch all day!)

When we were all finally awake enough to decide we were hungry, we piled in the truck and went to a little home-cookin’ place where they had deep-fried green beans — yummy!

Fortified from our naps and fried foods, we moseyed over to a local Antiques Mall to do some serious browsing. Linda was on the hunt for bottles for a project she’s doing, and I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.

In one of the booths, I saw the cutest little red lamp with a darling shade, and decided that I’d like to have it . . . but . . . and it was half-price . . . but . . . I’ll look around a while. When I decided I really really DID want it, I went back to get it, and it was GONE! Lesson learned — get it when you see it. And you out there . . . the person who bought the little red lamp . . . if you’re reading this . . . if you ever decide you don’t want it . . . call me!

The place was huge, and we browsed the entire thing. While we were there, it started raining, so what better thing was there to do anyway? I saw lots of things I’d have liked to buy, but I managed to rein myself in (or miss out) on all but one item. A quilt top . . .

It was in fantastic condition, and it was half price, too. Visions were swimming in my head of how I’d finish it, and how much I liked it, and what I would do with it. And did I mention it was half price? and in fantastic condition? 

I picked it up, I put it down, I walked away.

I went back, picked it up, put it down, picked it up, carried it with me a few steps, went back, put it back down.

Linda was looking at me like I was daft. “Are you getting it or not?”

“I guess not” . . . walked away. “Get it,” she commanded.

I went back, picked it up, unfolded it again, checked the size, put it back down, started to walk away, went back, grabbed it, and we went to check out.

There was a line at the register. It was moving pretty slowly. It wasn’t my turn yet . . . wasn’t my turn  yet . . . still not my turn . . . nope, not yet . . . during that wait, I changed my mind again. I marched back to the booth, laid the quilt back down, and walked out without buying it.

Monday morning, I was talking to Linda: “I’m kicking myself for not buying that quilt top, but you knew I would be.”

“I’ll go back and get it for you when I’m in town if it’s still there,” she offered. I agreed, thinking that, like the lamp, it would surely be gone by the time she went back, and I’d be off the hook.

A few days later, Linda called. “I got your quilt top. I’ll send it home with the Cowboy when he’s down here next weekend.” Score!

That was last weekend, and My Cowboy went down to some field trials. I was too busy to go along this time, so I stayed home to take care of the farm and work at the quilt shop. He brought home my quilt top. Isn’t it wonderful?

I bought Linda a purple fish bottle . . . what are friends for?

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  1. What a great friend!!

  2. That’s a great friend and a beautiful quilt! One time, I was shopping in an antique store, and they had the cutest little girl cowboy boots. The were red and well worn. I thought they’d make the cutest little decoration in my house. I had lots more shops to go to so I thought, “I’ll come back and get those later.” Came back and…you guessed it…they were gone! I have been kicking myself for about 8 years now for not buying them. I still want them, and do you think I have ever seen another pair?! It’s good to exercise self-restraint, but sometimes you just gotta have it!

  3. oh! You know I wouldn’t be able to walk away from that either! They are like lost kittens… I need to rescue them and take them home. 😉

  4. It is a good find. You know I like quilt top orphans! They are impossible to pass up.

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