QA Report #17

Hard to believe this is my 17th report already . . . I think it has helped me get some things done that I might otherwise have put off even longer. I’m not sure I’m real comfortable with confessing what an ADD slob I am, but being held accountable is at least making me do something productive about it. 

I am happy to report that this month’s projects are going much better than usual. Here’s my updates:

1) Clear the studio floor

Just look at this!

I forgot to take any before pictures, so you can have no idea how much this thrills me, but trust me, that area was covered with stuff before. Stuff that needed a home. My daughter came to visit me on Mother’s Day (isn’t she a wonderful child?) and helped me do this. I doubt that it would have ever gotten done this quickly, were it not for her helping me. My Cowboy looked at it and said: “I didn’t know you had a floor out here!” So you know it was bad. I’m not completely done, but this is a HUGE step in the right direction. 

2) Address the scrap basket situation

I faced the fear, cleared the floor, and gathered up all the rest of the fabric that needs to be dealt with. It wasn’t as bad as I thought! But it’s a lot, and I haven’t done anything other than gather it up, so maybe in the next report, I’ll have made some progress in that area. I’m debating whether to take any more before pictures — it could be too embarrassing.

3) Make a curtain for my studio

I decided on a curtain rod, but I may have changed my mind already. I thought I knew what kind of curtain I’d be making, but that will depend on my final rod decision, and I’m still deciding on what fabric to use. I’ll keep you posted.

Could it be that I’ll actually get these projects done this month? Only time will tell . . . When I first joined in on these Quilter’s Accountability Reports, I said I was going to pick ONE thing a month to concentrate on, and here I am, up to THREE things I’m trying to do. That’s me! Heck, I’d get bored with only one . . . 

Go to Bari’s and check everyone else’s progress.

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  1. That’s a great floor! Very beautiful! Is it painted concrete, or what?

  2. I love your floor! What a wonderful daughter to come up and help you with that! I like the stars and moon also, and can just imagine what it looked like BEFORE the clean up.

    Hey, one thing is done, the scrap basket couldnt be worked on until the floor was finished. One step at a time…way to go!

  3. Sometimes you just got to get THINGS out of your way so YOU can get out of your own way. That floor design is inspirational in itself!

    Hey, how about using a flimsie for curtains? I saw someone do that for a shower curtain.

  4. I love the floor…I have a few piles but mine are hideing the ugly floor. LOL Good job.

  5. Very nice floor!! Love the stars. Were you surprised to see those again? giggle!

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