Procrastination Challenge – The New Rules

Remember my Procrastination Challenges?

Ugh . . . so do I . . .

I haven’t posted an update since late March. Can you blame me? It’s a downright boring project; even more boring to post about.

The original Procrastination Challenge worked really well for me to get my Stashballs quilt finished, but has not worked so well for the Memory Lane quilt.

So I’m revising my challenge, making new rules, and picking a new project to work on.

I can do that, since I’m my own boss.

(Don’t tell My Cowboy — he think’s HE’s the boss!)

I think you should join me . . .

Here are the new Procrastination Challenge rules:

1– Pick a Project to Work On

I have found that if I’m too far from done with a project, I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not motivating enough for me to use as this type of project. So, I’ll be picking from projects that are pretty close to done, but that I still find myself procrastinating on. I’m choosing three, putting all the names in a hat, and drawing out just one. The one I draw out will be the one I concentrate on for the current challenge. Once I’ve picked a project, my goal is to . . . 

2 — Finish it in 30 Days

I’m giving myself 30 days to finish the chosen project. I’m starting out with a money jar containing $60. Every day that the project is not finished, I’m taking $2 away from myself. So this means that the sooner I finish the project, the more money will be left in my money jar. If I don’t finish it on time, then the jar will be empty, and I don’t get to save any money. I’m putting what money I collect away to save for buying something on my Dream List, like a new sewing machine or something equally wonderful. In order for the savings to grow bigger faster, I need to finish my projects as quickly as possible. Being able to buy a new sewing machine with the money I save is a great motivator, don’t you think?

That’s it! Simple rules, just the way I like them. It’s enough of a game to keep me motivated, at least for awhile, but not so complicated that I won’t even start. Feel free to join in with me and play your own game of Procrastination Challenge. I’ll be posting about the project(s) I choose in separate posts, so you can keep an eye on my progress, and leave comments to tell about yours, should you be so brave as to jump in with me.

I’ll be posting updates every Tuesday.

I’ll be starting a new round on the 15th of every month . . . you can jump in any time.

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  2. Okay, I’m choosing my first procrastination challenge project. It’s Nolan’s baby quilt. It needs to be finished in June, and the sooner the better, so it is a good one to start with! I guess I will need to baste it this week.

  3. Hey, if I’m losing $2 a day, then I’d better stay up all night to finish it! Well, maybe not .

  4. I think I’m in but need to carefully consider what the project will be. I like the idea of the money in the jar…good strategy for self-management. You must be a behavior analyst! (I am a behavior analyst in my “day job.”)

  5. By the way, what qualifies as “finished?” Top all sewn together? Or does it have to be quilted and bound? 🙂

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