So What Did I Choose?

Wanna know what project I ended up choosing for my first Procrastination Challenge project now that I have new rules?

Well . . . here were my 3 choices:

All these projects were coming along nicely in their day, but I’ve pushed them aside in favor of other things, and now find myself procrastinating on getting any of them finished. Well, it’s time to force myself . . . 

Here is the one I drew out:As you can see, it was a very scientific process . . .

I now have until June 14 to get it finished if I want to save any money for my Dream List. I’ve piddled along with this thing for a long time, and it really otta be done by now, but it’s not. All I have left to do is add the borders, and I even have the borders pieced, but do you think I would sit down and take the time to add them? Noooo . . . I can’t, because I’m an ADD flitting procrastinator. So it’s still just laying there in pieces, waiting for me to finish it up. Here is its most recent photo, altho I do now have this part all sewn together:

Money for something off my Dream List being the motivator that it is, I will now step up the progress, and see just how fast I can get this quilt done. And by done, I mean pieced, quilted, bound, and labelled. I’ll have an update next Tuesday.

Are you going to join me? Wanna see who can end up with the most money in their savings jar at the end of the month . . . end of the year? The rules are simple . . . read them here: Procrastination Challenge Rules. C’mon, be brave — if I can do this, YOU can do this! I dare you to join me . . .

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  1. I love the challenge…You are going to get so many things done that way!

  2. WOW, I’m a flitting procrastinator, too, and it’s usually the borders where I STOP!! Don’t know what it IS about the stupid borders but I KNOW you can do it! You can, you can! lol

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