PC Update – May 18

Time for my first Procrastination Challenge update since making my new rules.

So far, I’ve managed to lose $6, and if I don’t finish tonight, it’ll be $8. And I know I won’t finish tonight. Or tomorrow . . . ack . . . this is costing me! Such an incentive to get crackin’. But that is exactly what I wanted — my evil plan is working! (Sorry . . . my kids used to watch “Pinky and the Brain” when they were little . . . “What are we going to do tomorrow, Brain?” . . . “Same thing we do every day, Pinky — Try and take over the world!” . . . there’s a side trip back in time for ya) Anyway . . .

I have made progress on the project. It now has it’s first inner borders attached, and one side of the middle border.

I still have 3 sides of the middle border to attach, and then the outer borders to do. Once those are done, the trick will be to slide it into my longarm schedule so that I can finish it, and still not mess up my schedule for the rest of the quilts I have to do. Next update — May 25. How much money have YOU lost so far?

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  1. OMG if I did this challenge, I would be sending myself a monthly bill!

  2. LOL! You two are a hoot! Shelly, I can’t wait to see the finished quilt! I still can’t figure out how you find the time to quilt other people’s quilts AND still complete your own projects, AND work! Do you sleep at all?! I think I recall that I am supossed to nag you about working on things, but you make me feel like a slacker so I think I’ll just slink on over to a corner and take a nap. I want to be you when I grow up…after my nap.

  3. I have lost money every day so far, and I will probably lose more. I did get out the backing fabric and the batting, and will try to baste the quilt sandwich this week. Maybe I can get a lot done over the weekend!

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