Poor Little Baby

It’s so sad when one of the babies loses its mother.

We’re keeping some cows on our place for the neighbor boy while they calve, and he’s not having the best of luck. One cow had a stillborn calf, and then there’s this:

This little guy is only a week old, and his mother just up and died. We don’t know if she got struck by lightning or just what happened.

When we went to pick him up, he was hungry. My Cowboy stuck out his finger, and the baby was ready to eat! The guys hauled him down to the barn, and he’ll be a bottle calf for awhile. At least his mother lived long enough to get him off to a good start, poor little baby.

Meanwhile, we’ll be crossing our fingers while the rest of Sam’s cows do their business. He’s got one pair that’s doing well so far.

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  1. Calving is a lot of work. Hope the little guy makes it!

  2. Prayers for healthy babies…and Mamas! Have you named him yet? Each year it seems we end up with one dogie calf that worms it’s way into my heart. This year it was Charlie.

    • I’m not naming this one because he belongs to Sam, but I name ALL of ours. I can’t help it — My Cowboy calls me Ellie Mae! That “Bovine Hair Styles” post? — those are the names they all have . . . for real . . . I did NOT make those up just for the story . . . altho YingYang was already named when we got her.

  3. Poor little guy!!! Hope the rest of the calving season goes smoothly!

  4. We had a calf whose mother just didn’t have enough milk, so Phil supplemented with a bottle. Shannon named him Snickers, and Natalie got to get up close when we bottle fed the baby! Mama and calf are doing well now, although Phil got a little tired of playing nursemaid by the time Snickers was weaned!

    • Yeah, they’re fun at first, but after a couple months, it gets to be a chore having bottle calves . . .

  5. […] going so well. He’s lost babies, and mothers, and had endless troubles, poor guy. Remember this baby? Sam has FOUR bottle calves he’s having to […]

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