QA Report #18

Is it time again already?! I never seem to have enough time in between Wednesdays to get enough done!

I do have a couple tidbits to report, though . . .

These were my projects:

1) Clear the studio floor

It’s still clear, and getting clearer, if you can believe it! I’m continually chipping away at the few things that were left, and hope to have it all clear by the end of the month.

2) Address the scrap basket situation

Here’s the biggie . . . Remember this is what it looked like to start with?

Here’s what the basket looks like now:Better, but not finished . . .

I managed to sort some of it out and get it put away properly. However, and here’s the part I was reluctant to show . . . there’s THIS that I found when I cleared the floor, and it obviously still needs to all be dealt with.

I love and employ Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Users System. I am a professional at it when I’m dealing with a current project and doing it AS I GO, but when someone hands me a BAG of scraps, well, then, that just blows me out of the water, and messes with my system. It makes My Cowboy cringe . . . visibly  . . . BUT . . . I will NOT turn down a bag of free scraps, for 3 main reasons: 1) it’s different fabric than what I have in my scrap bins, 2) it’s FREE, and 3) I can’t let someone throw it away. I do lots of tiny patchwork and applique, and if they think it’s too small to keep, it’s actually something I can and will use, and it adds to the variety I get to choose from. How’s that for justification? Please tell My Cowboy that this makes perfect sense . . . thank you. And note my sign: I AM the Queen, after all! (At least when I’m standing right there in that one spot.)

3) Make a curtain for my studio

I’m waffling about my rod choice . . . why am I so indecisive? How hard can this be? It’s been a year and a half . . . It’s not like this is a million-dollar house that needs the perfect curtain rod, either! It’s JUST my studio, JUST one little window, AND it’s stuffed with an AC unit, so it’s not like it’s even attractive at all. I could slap a pair of oversized undies up there on a rod and who would notice? But I’m obsessing — it’s one of my hobbies — and it takes time away from other more important things — and that’s just how I operate — oh, yeah!

I do have the fabric. My Cowboy found, on Craig’s List, a set of cowboy sheets for sale, and arranged for me to get them (he’s my hero). Get them I did, for $10. I had hoped they were regular cotton sheets, and if so, I was planning to use one on the back of Connor’s cowboy quilt, but alas, they are knit. However, for curtains they’ll be fine, and the up-side is, they’re already hemmed, if I handle things just right, so I’m considering the curtains half done. 

Now to just find the perfect curtain rod! . . . 

That’s it for me this week. Go visit Bari and see what everyone else is up to. She had a great week! (I’m a tad jealous that she’s leaving me in her dust . . .)

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  1. Oh! Does your cowboy weld? How about a pair of pony horseshoes welded at an angle and used to set your curtain rod on? That would be so cute with your cowboy curtains. DH made some for our daughter’s room. We just used a black curtain rod and painted the horsehoes black. Let me know if you want me to send you a photo.

  2. I think you have gotten a lot done. I had to kind of laugh about your curtian rod…I stapled my fabric to the wall over the window..My curtain is ugly…Yours will be wonderful.

  3. There is nothing like a good scrap bin! Tell cowboy that the scraps cost the same as the original yardage so you getting them free is a savings!

  4. You are doing great! You definitely can’t turn down FREE scraps at all, but yes, they do mess with organization. I have enough trouble managing my own scraps much less someone else’s!

    I like the horse shoe curtain rod idea…or use a couple of old bits. Maybe use leather and chicago screws to actually fasten the curtain to the rod, like tabs almost….hmmm. This could be fun! Let us know what you end up with!


  5. I gotta say – I totally get you!!! I can not turn down fabric either, but with your scrap system you NEED new fabrics right 😉

    Confession – I have a tablecloth pinned over my window, I can not decide what I want it to look like… so thats my solution at the moment.

  6. Dear Cowboy,
    You are the best to help buy Cowgirl Quilting Queen the cowboy fabric for her curtains. Please try to understand her fabric addiction and that not even free fabric can be turned away. That littlest scrap of free fabric cost as much per yard as all the big yardage. We can’t let it go to waste. Think of all the beautiful things Your Cowgirl does with it all! Just take a deep breath and go look at your tools. Realize, you have the same issue with tools.
    Mama Pea

  7. […] Report #19 You all had some great suggestions for me last time. I got ideas from every one of them — all except for Julianne’s . . . stapling my new […]

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