A Little Mishap

Jack has suffered an injury . . .

I guess that’s what happens when you get old and brittle . . .

I’m beginning to find those things out for my ownself.

Poor Jack must have played too hard or gotten a little too rambunctious with his kennelmate, because he has injured his back. When I first noticed he wasn’t himself (and that it had come on rather suddenly) I called the vet for some advice, but what we tried didn’t work, so I loaded him up and we went to town.

Where we goin’, Mom?

I’m taking you to the doctor, old man . . .

Not the answer he wanted, obviously!

But he was a good boy while he was there, and Doc John made him comfortable. He has a ruptured disk in his back, and so he’s on some pain pills for awhile, and lots of rest (as if that’s difficult for a 9-year-old beagle to handle). So I had to move his kennelmate, so that there can be no more rough-housing until Jack is all better, in about 6 weeks. In fact, Jack may have to remain in a single kennel indefinitely, because I don’t want something like this to happen again. I want him to get to go rabbit-chasin’ like old times!

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  1. I loved your story about Jack and the pictures ! They really go together ,he is so cute ,I too used to have a dog almost like him he was a Beagle Basset hound and we called him Mr.B stood for Beagle ,Basset and Badddddd!
    He is no longer with us ,I have not had another dog since him . He was a joy to have though ,hope Jack gets better soon .

  2. Poor Little Jack! I will pray he heals well! :/

  3. Poor pooch. Hope he feels better soon. Our dogs are so lovable, aren’t they? It’s so hard to watch them be in pain.

  4. Sending you lots and lots of “get well soon” hugs, Jack ! Your mother is taking good care of you, I’m sure.

  5. […] be taking him out to go hunting for real, along with my other two beagles, Jack and Rocky. Jack has been on bed rest, but seems to have fully recovered, so it’s time . . . Casey’s dreams will come true. […]

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