Princess Presents

Sometimes it pays to have to miss a road trip.

I spent all last week preparing for our quilt show which was last weekend, and because I was so busy with that, I had to turn down going on a road trip with My Cowboy.

Since we usually go pretty much everywhere together, it was a big decision . . .

And since it stormed like crazy all one night when he was gone, I wasn’t too happy being alone in the shack . . . huddled in the bathroom at midnight . . . fully clothed . . . with 3 nervous cats . . . 

And since the horses (PeeWee in particular) figured out how to open the new gate we just hung, and invited themselves back in with the cattle, and I couldn’t get everyone separated again by myself . . .

And since I had to do chores all by myself the whole time . . .

And since FancyPants calved while he was gone, which makes me nervous . . .

And since I had to do all my own errands (gasp) . . .

And since there was no one to cook for me, so I survived on only lunchmeat and coffee-flavored ice cream the entire time (sniff . . . sob) . . .

My Cowboy brought me presents when he returned.

I got a new pink leash for going beagling, and it’s all mine, even has my very own name tag on it. (And since it IS pink, he won’t want it back.) And to go with it, I also got a new collar with my very own name tag on it for Casey. (Casey will be thrilled — NOT! And I think I got that present simply because My Cowboy doesn’t want anyone thinking that a beagle that looks like Casey belongs to him!)

I got a new rotary cutter, complete with a replacement blade . . .

And it’s the big one. Now maybe I won’t dread doing borders so much any more . . .

(does My Cowboy know how to shop for me or what?)

And . . . I got this . . . 

A bottle of Dr. Enuf’s Original Energy Booster.

Since he knew I’d been working hard and staying up late to get things ready for the show, he figured I’d need this to get through the day. He was right. I cracked it open about 2:00 pm, Friday, after having NO sleep at all Thursday night because I stayed up to finish his cowboy quilt to put in the show.

It tasted . . . like . . . “medicinal 7-Up” . . .

It made me hear music that wasn’t playing, and think of people I hadn’t thought of in years (or was that just delirium from exhaustion?).

I might try it again sometime, just to see what happens next!

So in spite of missing him terribly while he was gone, I made out just fine.

And if I had gone along, how would I have gotten all these great presents? 

Honestly, though, the best present of all was having him back home safely. 


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  1. Goodness girl, is that stuff legal?? How wonderful that your sweet hubby brought you back such nice presents 🙂

  2. Awwww…that is so sweet! Sounds like an adventure while he was gone. Stuff like that always happens when my husband is away, too! When we had tornado warnings the other night and had to go to the basement in the middle of the night (so unusual…and it’s been so long since I had to go to the basement!), I was really glad he was home.

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