Here’s One Reason

I never get as much quilting done as I think I will . . .

I mentioned before that we’re keeping some cows for the neighbor boy, Sam. He graduated from high school a couple years ago, and has been working a day job, and is trying to build up a herd of his own.

His first effort isn’t going so well. He’s lost babies, and mothers, and had endless troubles, poor guy. Remember this baby? Sam has FOUR bottle calves he’s having to feed.

Well, this morning, he got another one.

This little sweetie was born about 10 days ago, blind in one eye. Her mother wasn’t making enough milk for her . . . see what I mean about Sam’s tough luck? Last night, the mother decided to abandon the baby, and the baby got lost, being half blind and all, and couldn’t get back with the herd. 

Sometime during the night, she had somehow managed to get through the fence onto our neighbor’s property, and was crying, and her mother wouldn’t even answer, and didn’t even care.

My Cowboy got her cornered and roped her, which she didn’t take a liking to at all. Naturally, she wanted to go in the opposite direction we did! Luckily, she’s still tiny, and we won. We pulled her up to the road, loaded her in the back of the Jimmy, and drove her down to the baby pen and put her in with the rest of the bottle calves. What’s one more bottle to fix, when you’ve got that many already? At least she’ll be safe and be getting something to eat. She seemed really glad to have some friends her size to hang out with, once the initial insult of being roped had worn off.

I’m so very thankful that all our mother cows are doing well and raising their babies just fine . . . but I sure hope things start to look up for Sam before long!

This little episode reinforced a few lessons I had learned before, but seemed to have pushed to the dark recesses of my mind:

* Baby calves bawl really loud, especially in enclosed spaces (the back of the Jimmy).

* They’re all legs, and those legs like to flail.

* They’re stronger than they look.

* If you get dressed to go to town, then decide to “do a quick check of things” by taking a spin around the property line as you’re leaving, you WILL find something that needs doing, and end up all muddy and covered in cow poop before you ever make it to your destination.

* At some point during all the excitement, you DO have to put down the camera and actually HELP.

* Always go to the bathroom before you leave the house, so that when your young colt sees what’s going on, comes to investigate, and then acts so silly that you laugh too hard, there’s no danger of wetting your pants.

Just a few helpful tips for you, should you ever find yourself in a similar situation . . .

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  1. Yet another adventure. Too funny. I especially like the part about not peeing your pants and getting cow poop all over you. Sounds all too familiar! Calves are so cute, it is hard to remember how strong and ornery they can be!

  2. Such good lessons to have under our belts. Hope the new one does just great so she can disprove her mom’s choice to abandon her! Maybe she’ll breed a champion!

  3. Life is hard. But you have the chance to cross the road of helping hands, it’s easier and you don’t feel too lonely anymore. This little sweetie is lucky to cross your way ! 😉

  4. Good Grief! Like you don’t know how UNLIKELY I’ll ever need that info, where I live… but I sure did enjoy reading it!!!!


    Thanks, once again, for your lovely blog… I really DO love reading about the animals and their mischievous ways… *grin*


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