Tonight’s the Night

It’s QQB time again!

Time to ‘fess up about The List once more . . . 

I did fairly well, but . . .

If only I had had a few more days . . .

just maybe 3 or 4 . . .

I could have gotten them all done.

All ten of them.

My Cowboy always says that IF is the biggest word in the dictionary.

I’ll just blame Karin . . .

she took off to Texas and didn’t whip on me like she should have.

Yeah, it’s all her fault . . .

I feel much better now.

Since tonight’s the night, I’ll ‘fess up right now on last month’s list. Here’s what I said I was going to do, and what actually got done . . . 

My QQB List for May

One: Finish the first Necktie Social Quilt — DONE!

Two: Finish my piece for the Alliance for American Quilts “New From Old” Contest — DONE!

Three: Finish Addison’s baby quilt. She was born May 21. The quilt is on the longarm, just needs to be quilted.

Four: Finish the snake quilt for our nephew, Carter. The top is finished, and it’s next on the longarm after Addison’s quilt.

Five: Finish the cowboy quilt for our nephew, Connor. I have all the blocks made and set together, and am working on the applique piece that goes in the center. This is the project I’m furthest from done with, but it’s coming along nicely.

Six: Attend the Machine Quilter’s Showcase in Overland Park, Kansas on May 15th. I did NOT do this one, but I made a conscious decision to not go so that I could stay home and catch up on some things, which I desperately needed to do. Guess I can’t blame Karin for that one, huh?

Seven: Work on my QQB Pinwheel Challenge quilt. I did work on it, but it’s not finished yet. I don’t know if we have a deadline or not. Guess I should ask about that tonight!

Eight: Attend our local guild’s annual Quilt Show. I did this, and had a blast!

Nine: Finish my Cowboy Challenge quilt. I did this, and had to pull an extreme quilting marathon to accomplish it. I really was whipping down the binding on the day of the show, so I guess I deserved all their jokes from last time. The quilt won a second-place Viewer’s Choice ribbon, though, so it was worth everything it took to get it done, and My Cowboy loves it.

Ten: Work on my Patriotic Challenge pieces for the guild challenge. I have worked on this, but progress is slow. I’m using it as my leader/ender project right now. At some point, it’s going to have to become a priority. It needs to be finished by July 21, and I don’t want to be whipping the binding down on that day! Taking any bets, anyone?

I’ll be back tomorrow with the new list I’ll make tonight . . . 

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