Realism Won

. . . for a change!

I made a quite sensible List for next QQB meeting. I don’t know what came over me, but I was quite sane while making the new one last night. Maybe the thought of having to confess on here has something to do with it . . . I don’t know.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I was tired last night. During the fest, I worked on whipping down binding on a customer quilt, and even that was going ultra-slow for me. I gave it up in favor of eating some lemon pudding dessert that Rose Marie had made, and then begging her for the recipe. 

We had a new member in attendance last night. Laney B just might turn out to be a quilter, if the QQB has anything to say about it!

And I forgot to take my camera, so I had to take pictures with my phone, so they’re kinda crappy. We also didn’t really have much to show and tell this time . . . kind of slowing down a bit. I think Rose Marie and I are a bit shell-shocked from finally having the big quilt show over with, and Katy and Marge have been busy with life in general: work, gardening, babysitting . . . 

But I’ll show you what I can . . .

Marge has finished a large quilt top from fabric she bought while she was being a snowbird in Arizona all winter. She used the pattern “BQ2” from Maple Island Quilts, a design by Debbie Bowles. It really shows off her “pot fabric”. I’m glad I have a picture to accompany the term “pot fabric”, or you might get the wrong idea about Marge!

Rose Marie first showed this next quilt without its borders, but now she has them attached, and I can see why the border took so long! It’s pieced from some pretty small pieces, but it was so worth it. This is one of her family Christmas quilts she’s making. She’s getting real close to the halfway point with those eight projects. I hope when she’s done with all of them that I can get a picture with her of all 8 and show you just what she’s accomplished. She’s way more ambitious and dedicated than I would/could have been! What a project! (Ignore Laney trying to add yet another toy to my lap . . .)

Katy showed a quilt she made from a jelly roll using my Stripper’s Delight pattern. I swear, this has been one of my most popular patterns, and I’m so thrilled every time I see a new rendition of it that someone else has done. If you want to try it, you can get the pattern for free here: Free Patterns. I can’t remember what the name of the jelly roll collection was that she used, but it sure has some beautiful fabrics in it.

Not to be outdone, Laney B wanted to do some show and tell of her own. She borrowed Rose Marie’s little table topper for her display. It was just her size. See? We’ll have her quilting in no time.

After jacking up on lemon pudding dessert, Laney B and I piled in the back seat and let Katy drive us home. While we were both pretty much delirious from exhaustion, Laney was the only one who could really get away with it. She counted: “One, twoooo, free, forz, fize, six, YAY!, sebben, eight, YAY!” over and over again, and jabbered incoherently until she finally fell asleep in her carseat. Although I jabbered incoherently as well, I managed to stay awake until they dumped me out at my front gate. 

And here’s my list for next time. We meet again July 7. That gives me 27 days to do these 3 things. No hill for a stepper, right?

1) Work on my QQB Pinwheel Challenge quilt. Apparently, there is no set deadline, so “work on it” is all I have to do. I’ll press a block or something . . . 

2) Finish my Patriotic Challenge piece for the July guild meeting.

3) Attend a retreat with some of my blog friends.

I am going to a retreat next weekend with a bunch of blog friends, some of whom I’ve already met in person, but some I have yet to meet, and it’ll be a blast, and I’m so excited. I’m taking along my Patriotic Challenge piece to work on. With a few dedicated days of sewing, I just might be able to get it done on time.

Don’t you think only having 3 things on the list instead of 10 is a bit more realistic? We’ll see what happens. I’ll be reporting back on July 7!

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  1. Have fun on your retreat. Jealous!

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