QA Report #22

Wow! That week went faster than normal!

I’m not even sure what I did, but it wasn’t about making progress on these 4 projects. 

But, hey, what’s the hurry?

I have until the end of the month, right?

Actually, I’d like to finish them a bit early. We have a chance to actually make a trip up to see Addison for the first time. It would make sense to take the finished quilts with us as we go, wouldn’t it? 

1) Addison’s Baby Quilt

Still on the frame, but I haven’t even started the quilting. I really need to get it off of there, because I have customer quilts waiting! Ack! But I refuse to run my longarm during a lightning storm, and we had so many this past week, I didn’t even start the machine up at all.

2) Carter’s Snake Quilt

All ready to be quilted, as soon as I can get it on the longarm.

3) Connor’s Cowboy Quilt

I have the applique panel half finished, and as soon as I can get it done, I can finish setting it together. I hope to have it ready to be next in line on the longarm as soon as the snake quilt is quilted.

4) Bella’s Baby Quilt

I still know where it is . . .

I’m debating whether to take Bella’s quilt along to the retreat this weekend and see if I can fit in any handwork, but usually, when I take my machine to a retreat, I use it the entire time. The jury is still out . . .

I hope to have a better report next week. Meanwhile, go see the accomplishments of others over at Bari’s.

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  1. You always have so many irons in the fire that I never know how you get so much done! I think you can get the quilts done….weather down here is supposed to be clear for a while so it should be up your way also. Go for it! Can’t wait to see them finished up!

  2. This week did go fast..but it is OK right? LOL I do not turn on my longarm in storms either…wont risk it.

  3. I don’t like lightening either. Now you have a pile up of quilts 😉

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