Melon Collie

I’m home from the retreat . . .

It’s always good to get home.

Gotta check all the animals, because I’m sure they missed us (especially the indoor royalty). 

Gotta unpack the truck and put things away . . . 

Then it sets in . . .

The Big Let Down . . .

The Retreat is over . . . 

. . . and I’m sad about that . . . 

. . . but soooo happy and inspired from having gone!

Oh . . . my . . . goodness . . . what a great bunch of girls we are!!!! (if I do say so myself!)

I had soooo much fun at the retreat, and got so inspired by all my new friends . . . and a little intimidated by being around such a great group of talent. Wow! I’ll be in shell-shock mode for a few days . . . pardon me if I don’t make any sense for awhile.

Miss V organized this retreat for us, and never have I been so glad that I accepted someone’s invitation. Furthermore, she even invited My Cowboy along and let him stay at her cabin on the lake while we retreated. So he drove me all the way up there and did that very thing, lounging on her deck overlooking the lake and enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather we were blessed with while we were there. And he didn’t have to do any chores!

We retreated at Gruber’s Quilt Shop’s Retreat Center, which is a fantastic facility located right across the street from the quilt shop. It’s all right there . . . furnished bedrooms, bathroom/shower facilities, common kitchen area, and a wonderful room to sew in, complete with irons, ironing boards, cutting mats, design walls, and really good lighting. They even had a radio we could have used, but we were so busy chattering, I doubt that we would have heard anything coming out of it. My Cowboy said all he could imagine once we got started was a room full of “cacklin’ hens” — and we pretty much were! I’m not sure I’ve laughed that much non-stop in quite a while. I’m pretty sure I even laughed till I cried at least once (thanks, Andrea).

We visited the Minnesota Quilters show, Quilting in the Quarry, on Saturday while we were there, as if we needed an additional dose of inspiration. And of course, we all shopped (multiple times) at Gruber’s right across the street. Their sign says it all . . . before you even get through the door.

I’m sure all the other attendees will eventually post (some already have) about their own experiences at the retreat, so I’ll just link up from here and encourage you all to go visit them and see what they have to say about it and show what they were working on.

Miss V @ BumbleBeans, Inc., who gets the Messiest Quilter Award. All I can say is: I’m glad we don’t have to share studio space daily!

ShellyS @ Shelly’s Quilts, who wins the prize for Straight Shooting (what can I say? — she’s from Texas). As Miss V says: “What we’re all thinking, she’s saying!” What a hoot!

Terri @ Terri’s Notebook, first-time retreater. I hope we didn’t ruin her on retreats in the future!

Mary @ Mary on Lake Pulaski, who sat next to me and had several items I would have liked to have stolen. Mary, if you’re missing anything, I didn’t take it — I may have wanted to, but I managed to behave!

Heather @ Anka’s Treasures. She didn’t get to stay long enough, but she did donate a huge box of scraps for us to plunder. Thanks, Heather . . . We all needed more fabric! I’m serious — we did!

Amanda @ Crazy Mom Quilts, who gets the Most Popular Award, since some of the rest of us got comments on OUR blogs about HER coming to the retreat! The rest of us are just chopped liver . . . we bow to you, Amanda Jean!

Andrea @ The Little Collection, gets the Funniest Story Award, and I can’t even repeat it. But I’m still laughing . . .

Doris @ Threads of Conversation, who showed up with a really cute tote bag, a really cute pincushion, a really cute set of blocks, and made a really cute baby quilt while she was there. (I went a little wild with the “coveting” thing during this event.)

Toni @ All Tangled Up In My Underwear, who showed up with Doris, sporting a PINK Ott-Lite, and a PINK water bottle, and also made a really cute baby quilt while she was there. She dubbed herself “The Tag-Along”, but we’re glad she tagged along!

Rene @ Rene Creates, who got to visit her very first quilt show. Overwhelm followed, and I completely understand it.

I’m fairly certain that I can’t properly convey how much fun we really had, but I’ll leave you with a few notable quotes that came from our time together . . .

“I’ve been trying to rip on you, but you’re just not getting it”

“That’s the beauty of wonkiness”

“The needle is sharp, and I’m dull”

“PhotoShop my breasts bigger”

“Every day is like a root canal”

“It has never taken me this long to put on my underwear”

“Laughter is good for your liver”

“My liver has never been so healthy”

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  1. Well said, my dear…

  2. I’m still green with envy, but it sounds like wonderful memories and friendships were built over the course of the retreat! Hope you’ll take a day to decompress and then show us what you worked on!

  3. HahahahahahahahahHahaaaaa!!!!!
    I’m still laughing….
    Glad you guys got home safe and sound… I may be messy but I got loads done!!! I’m not having fun unless fabric is a flying!!!!

  4. Shelly I love your Melon Collie post title! It was great fun meeting you (and your cowboy). I’m in awe and in love with your cowboy quilts !!! I still haven’t made it home yet but almost there;-)

  5. oooh! It sounds like so much fun!

  6. Hey Shelly, Thanks for your kind words, I definitely resemble those remarks. It was a great weekend and I haven’t stopped smiling yet! Take care, my friend and I’ll see ya in Houston! Happy sewing!

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  8. it really was wonderful, wasn’t it? oh, my, goodness. i laughed at your recap…very beautifully written…except you forgot to include that i am WAY overrated…remember?!?!?! 🙂 it was so great to meet and quilt with you. i’ll fondly remember this weekend always. and you are so and “your cowboy”. it was fun to meet him, too.

  9. What a fun post to read…it felt like I was also a tagalong wannabe!

  10. […] Report #24 Once again, I’m combining two weeks into one. I knew going to the Gruber’s Retreat would do me in, and I procrastinated when I got home on figuring up just how much damage I did; but […]

  11. […] so I need to make the most of the time I have left. This project is all I worked on at the Minnesota Retreat, and what you see here is what I got done while I was there. There’s a LOT more to this […]

  12. […] and had to shamefully confess that I only did ONE of the 3 things I said I would. I went to a retreat at Gruber’s. The fun of that must have blurred out the fact that I was supposed to have done anything else. And […]

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