Weekly Challenge – June 25

Well, last week’s Weekly Challenge was an exercise in futility. I didn’t even THINK about working on my ironing board, let alone ask My Cowboy to lift a finger to help me work on it.

I have a myriad of excuses, as usual, which I see no reason to list, as usual, but I will say that the main one this week was Bonnie getting injured. That whole episode just kinda threw me off track, and I was even more of a flitter than I normally am because I was all worried and stressed over it. Bonnie, however, seems totally unconcerned and not stressed at all, so maybe I should follow her example and get over myself. Animals are so smart and practical!

However, that week is now gone, and my ironing board is exactly like it was, so this time, I’m gonna be like Bonnie, all smart and practical, and pick something I think I really will work on for this next Weekly Challenge. What might that be? Well . . . hmmm . . . let’s see . . .

It’s a biggie, but it needs to be done in order to stay productive. I’m going to . . .

Clean up my longarm area

I have pitched and chucked and snatched and grabbed and flung and shoved all manner of items all around my longarm area while quilting the last few quilts I’ve done, and now it’s become a little out of control, and I need to nip that before it becomes a real problem and squelches productivity. I think I’ll start tonight by dragging everything out from around the frame and only putting back what belongs and putting it back neatly. If I can just keep that from making the rest of the studio worse off . . . 

Oh, and I’m not giving up on the ironing board, so I’ll eventually get it done and post about that project . . .

What will YOU be doing this week?

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