Studio Makeover

I’ve been cruising through all the studios (rather slowly) featured in the Where Bloggers Create II event, and although I’ve been inspired from the very beginning, I’ve been trying to make a few notes about what the designers say about their studios and why they have them the way they have them . . . because . . . 

I want to perform a studio makeover on my own studio.

This will require:

a) a lot of thinking about exactly what I want to do, and

b) actually doing something, however drastic it may seem.

I’ve had my studio for a year and a half now, and it’s never been exactly how I first envisioned it. Of course I envisioned it to be more like some of the studios I’ve been browsing online, but it’s so short of that it’s pitiful.

Then again, I’m not sure I could work in a space that looks so neat it could be in a magazine, because then I’d hate to mess it up by actually “doing a project” in it! I need something in between, I guess. Everyone has to have something that will work for them and their own particular work style.

So, I guess my first task should be to figure out what my style is.


I’ve been quilting for over 36 years, and I still don’t know what my style is?

How can that be?

For starters, I think that as a creative person, I’m always evolving. When I first began quilting, I was a teenager, so my only space was my bedroom, which I shared with my sister. I ran my sewing machine on the floor, my tiny “stash” was in a garbage bag, and ALL my worldly sewing possessions fit into a sewing box my grandmother gave me.

When my kids were little, I made a little nook in the corner of the living room as my sewing area, and kept some things in boxes in the bedroom. I had to cut and plan on the kitchen table, and pick up and put everything away every time (which squelches creativity and productivity, I must say).

With the kids in high school, I finally got my first “real” studio, but it also became the catch-all room for things we had no other place for, so it quickly got overrun by un-related furniture and used for storage of other things I didn’t really want in my studio, plus it was also the laundry room in one end.

Now . . . finally . . . I have a wonderful room for my studio that ONLY has MY stuff in it. Aahhh . . . but . . . I’m still, in my brain, operating in the “other” mode. It’s like I haven’t come to the realization that it really is all for me, all for only my stuff, and I can make it be how I want it to be.

I cluttered it up.

Pretty much immediately.

See photos here: Studio Envy.

And I can’t seem to get it the way I want it.

I don’t want “Messy” to be my style.

So I’m going to pretend that my studio once again looks like this:

A clean slate . . .

And I’m going to ask myself some questions about each area of my studio.

Questions such as:

How do I want to use this area?

Which items need to be in this area? Which ones don’t?

Is this area comfortable enough for me to work in?

Does this room make me smile when I enter it?

Can I be creative and productive in here the way it is?

Does every item have a purpose?

What do I like about this area now, and what would I like to change?

I’m going to start with one area at a time, and work my way around the room. I’ll provide you with some before and after shots, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to shout ’em out in the comments. I need all the help I can get . . .

This saga WILL be continued . . . 

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  1. I’m looking forward to your progress, as it may help me with my own studio dilemma.

  2. BEFORE my hubby took over my last studio, I had the choice in a LOT of things. I posted on the Dear Jane web site for paint suggestions and finally decided that I wanted the walls WHITE – which, in MY opinion ISN’T a color, but because I didn’t want a lime green paint reflecting on my fabrics and giving me wrong color values, that’s the “color” that I selected for my walls.

    I asked my hubby for shelves, for my plastic totes filled with color coordinated fabrics. I had a cutting table and a HUGE table for sewing machine and to help when I did sewing machine quilting. Thank goodness we now have our longarm, but I’ve been booted off to a smaller room… but that’s okay. *grin*

    Good luck with your room renovations!


  3. I can only suggest you have a good sized design wall and good lighting. I only have one of those.

  4. I never seem to get quite the studio I envision either. But, like you, my vision always seems to be changing. My new studio is pretty blank right now. I’m hoping for another chance at it as we do this home remodel. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Keep that great floor!

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