QA Report #24

Another month gone . . . 

We’re halfway through 2010.

I’m not near where I wanted to be with lots of things, but that’s how it usually goes . . .

I want to finish 100 projects this year, which means by now I should have 50 things done. I only have 23 finished. Almost one-fourth of the way there, but if I’m going to make it, I’ll have to step things up a bit for the next 6 months!

I also wanted to have a lot of stash used, but I’m still in the red numbers on Stash Reports, so that’s not going as planned, either.

For a final report on last month’s Quilter’s Accountability projects, here’s what I got done:

Addison’s quilt is finished! I need to get a label on it, and wash it so it softens up, but I’m considering it done. That’s finish #23 for the year for me. I’m a bit behind . . . I want to get some better pictures of it, hopefully WITH Addison when we give it to her.

Carter’s Snake quilt is on the frame being quilted. It should be finished by tonight. I had no idea until I started looking, how hard it is to buy rubber snakes. I still haven’t found any! I’m running out of ideas for places to shop for them, too.

Connor’s Cowboy quilt top is so close to done, I should be able to finish it within the week.

And I quilted on Bella’s quilt a bit. All that’s left to do is the very outer edge, so if I buckle down, I could possibly get it to her by her first birthday, July 14th!

But now it’s a new month, so I get to make a new list.

Here goes . . .

I’m going to finish my Patriotic Challenge quilt. The deadline was moved from July 21 to August 18, so that gives me some extra time, but I don’t want that to make me slow down, because I usually underestimate the time it will take me to do something, so I need to make the most of the time I have left. This project is all I worked on at the Minnesota Retreat, and what you see here is what I got done while I was there. There’s a LOT more to this quilt, though, and I don’t want to show it all until the challenge is unveiled at our meeting, but suffice it to say that I still have a lot of work left ahead of me to get it finished. I was maybe a mite over-ambitious in my choice of project . . . maybe . . .

The only other thing I’m going to try to hold myself accountable for this month is getting my stash report back in the black.  This means that I need to quit bringing fabric in, and USE more of the fabric I already have. The best way to do that is to quilt several tops I have finished, so I can use up lots of backings, which helps the report in a big way. Another way I thought of, which might not be the best idea, is to start some new projects! Probably not a better idea than just using up backings, huh? Didn’t think so . . . 

Meanwhile, go see how ambitious everyone else is over at Bari’s.

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  1. I’ve seen toy snakes at dollar stores – maybe you could check there? Good on you for your goals, though…I want to see some more finishes!

  2. I think you have gotten a lot finished..100 is a lot but you can still do it. LOL I just saw some rubber snakes at the grocery store today. I was picking up a jar a baby food and part of the baby isle was this junkie toy stuff. They had at least one rubber snake.

  3. I saw rubber snakes at Target in Springfield when I was there with the girls. Does Columbia have a Target, or would there be a Target store closer than that?

  4. You have used stash, about 100 yards of it. The new stuff is just that: new. Shouldn’t count. There are people who rarely touch their stash. Just add. You are doing very well, I think.

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