Weekly Challenge – July 2

Is it time again already?

I feel like I’m always saying that. 

I’m a bit sad that summer is flying by so fast.

I actually did all right on this past week’s Weekly Challenge.

I can hardly believe it, but I managed to make a dent in the cleanup of my longarm area.

Frankly, it really needed to be cleaned up, just so I could work comfortably.

Here’s the before shots:

And here’s what it looks like now:

Not a whole lot of difference, but it is much cleaner, and I got rid of some things that don’t need to be in that area, so it just feels better. Those baskets and Pepsi crates on the shelf are empty, so theoretically, I could store some things in them, but I’m not doing so just yet. I also cleared out a drawer in the nearby chest of drawers to use to keep all my longarm attachments, tools, and most of my thread. Very handy, yet out of sight, so things look neater.

I’m not worried about all the large tubs underneath, because a piece of batting is usually hanging down in front and hides all that. In fact, I had to raise up the batting that was hanging there just to take the picture. 

I’ll remind you now, in case you’ve missed me saying it before . . . my studio is very “primitive”. We built it entirely out of salvaged materials, and did a lot of the work ourselves (have I also mentioned we are not carpenters?). So I’m trying to work with the primitive rustic look, using retired horse tack, baskets, boxes, and other primitive items when and where I can. However, my sister got ALL of the decorating gene in my family, so that talent escapes me and I struggle so. 

The floor is my favorite part of the entire room, and I do also love that I have awesome lighting, since My Cowboy is also an electrician. And I have a long way to go to get the room the way I want it, but I consider this a pretty good start. It took me a couple hours just to do all this! Imagine how long the rest of it will take me? I’m not sure which Studio Makeover project I want to tackle next, but I’ll worry about that later, because it is now time to pick a new Weekly Challenge . . .

What will I be doing this week? Well . . . I’m getting seriously behind on my Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt, and on my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler quilt, so I thought I’d devote some time this week to seeing if I can catch up on some of those blocks. Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures of the newest blocks I’ve made to post for you in next week’s report.

What will YOU be doing this week?

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  1. Until we finish my new quilting room, it’s going to be VERY primitive. We are pretty broke with all the remodels we are doing, so I will have to “make do” and get creative in a lot of ways. It will be good for me, I think!

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