I got a new book.

I got a new book made especially for me.

It’s beautiful and I’m in love with it.

It doesn’t look like anything special, does it?

It just looks like a regular old textbook, right?

Well . . . it’s not . . . not any more . . . 

In its former life, it was a textbook. A textbook from the year I was born (1962), chronicling the issues of the day regarding society and politics. As I browsed through it, I realized: Hmm, not so much has changed! Some of those issues are still issues today . . . 

When I found this textbook, it was languishing on a shelf in a flea market, probably destined to be ignored for yet a long time if I had not come along.

It had a price tag of 55 cents.

But that’s not why it caught my eye . . .

I’ve been in conversations with Tyler of TylerBender Book Company for a few months now, trying to decide on having him make me a custom book, and just exactly how I wanted that custom book to be.

Tyler uses old textbook covers and puts new insides in them so that they can become new books, and when I saw this book, the title struck me as hilarious, considering what I wanted to use my custom book for: My To-Do Lists!

Can it be any more appropriate of a title? “Today’s Problems” — ah, yes, my nagging To-Do Lists . . . now eloquently housed in this lovely book . . . my very own “Today’s Problems” all neatly gathered into one tome . . . a work in progress . . . and something to look back on to see what I’ve accomplished.

I asked Tyler to work his magic . . . and . . .

I LOVE this book!

Tyler did the MOST excellent job of taking out the old innards and replacing them with beautiful blank paper. The book looks just like it did before, only with totally new insides, just ready for me to make it my own.

Now I’ll be on the hunt for other such books so I can do this again. And, I’m still working on the original plan I had for a custom book of my own with pages I provide to Tyler. He’s great to work with (and did I mention patient while waiting for me to make up my mind what I want?).

If you want a book made just for you, I highly recommend Tyler. I worked with him on this project through his Etsy Shop. Just convo him and tell him what you want and he can help you out. Not only is he good, but he was way faster than I expected. He must have stayed up nights to get it done! I’m excited about my next one already, and have all sorts of ideas. I’m sure I’ll be getting another custom book made soon.

Oh, and about the lists . . . I’ve already started using my new book. I’ve said it before: For me to stick with something, I have to turn it into a game, or I’m too easily bored. While this doesn’t prevent me from flitting, it does keep me a bit more focused than I would be if I were not a list maker. Every 100 days, I make a list of 100 things I’d like to do with my next 100 days (and this is just in regard to quilting, mind you). My first list is now in the book, and I’m off and running.

 I’m very excited to see what the book looks like a few lists from now . . .

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  1. It’s perfect, what a fabulous cover find!

  2. Oh what fun! I hope you’ll share some of those lists with us as well as your next book!

  3. What a clever idea! Love it!

  4. I love this idea for old books, and I love your 100 things to do in 100 days idea. Man, I’d have to keep my 100 things pretty small, however! 🙂 Or I’d never get them done!

  5. How cool is that?! The only thing I would do differently is that I would leave it blank…I like the idea of having no problems! ;o)

  6. That book will become a treasure in the future–much like your Hazel’s Diary. What perspective you will have on your life. I really like the idea.

  7. I am also a list maker. I title all my lists “The Impossible List”. It takes the edge off the pressure that everything must be completed today. If I know it’s impossible from the getgo, I have more of a “chipaway is ok” attitude. goofy, I know 🙂

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