PC Update – July 6

Finally! I did it!

I finished a Procrastination Challenge project while I still have some money in my money pot!

This time I managed to save $18!

My fund now has a proper start.

Whatever . . . I still have a long way to go. This is going to take many many Procrastination Challenges, because what I’m saving for is a new sewing machine. Or . . . a new digital camera . . . or a computer . . . can you see my dilemma? I’ll need seriously more than $18.

But, hey, I’m dreaming big — what’s the harm in that?

Here’s the project . . . Quilted:


And labeled:

And I can rest on my laurels until the next round begins on July 15th. Aahhh . . . 

How’s yours coming? You still have some time left . . .

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  1. Good for you! Hey – don’t knock those $18 – that’s $18 more than you had last month and now you’re on a roll! That looks like a beautiful quilt!

  2. Beautiful work on a beautiful quilt!

  3. Hey, great job! I love it! My “sourdough starter” for my fund is my pop can money. In MI we have a 10 cent deposit on bottles and cans. Whenever I return them, I put the money in a big jar. It’s amazing how fast it adds up. (And I hoard the cans now! I don’t let anyone throw one away). After things settle down this summer, I’ll try to start playing along in the procrastination challenges also.

  4. Your quilt is lovely. Great work 🙂

  5. […] and I, the two slackers of the bunch, had the least to show. I showed my Sweet Harmony quilt I finished Monday, and the samples from my patriotic pattern I’m giving away later […]

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