QQB Recap for July

Well! I guess if you’re going to make a list of things to do, it would pay to look at it periodically.

This is something I did NOT do after making my last QQB To-Do List. I guess “realism” is relative . . .

We met last night, and I saw my list for the first time in a month, and had to shamefully confess that I only did ONE of the 3 things I said I would. I went to a retreat at Gruber’s. The fun of that must have blurred out the fact that I was supposed to have done anything else. And I never even THOUGHT about pinwheels until I walked in and saw Rose Marie’s nearly-completed pinwheel top laying in the floor.

OK, so she’s almost finished, and Marge has all her blocks done.

Meanwhile, Katy doesn’t even remember where she put her blocks, and I haven’t touched mine for over a month (although I DO know where they are). I asked if there was a deadline for this quilt, and thankfully, the answer was NO. So does that mean I never have to finish it? 

Just kidding . . . I really do want to finish it . . . I think it’ll be a cute little quilt. But I can’t finish it if I never think of it, so I put it back on my list for this month. We’ll see what happens. (As My Cowboy says: “I’ll be doing nothing — at full speed!”)

A while back, Rose Marie watched a demo of this quick and easy table runner and went straight home and whipped out EIGHT of them in no time flat. She’s already given some of them away, and had these five left to show us. Then she gave us the same demo, and let us each pick out a table runner to take home with us — Wow! I, of course, picked the red one . . . that’s a piece of vintage fabric in the middle, adding to its charm even more.

And Marge is almost all caught up with her Hazel Ilene Quilt-Along blocks. She laid them all out for us to see, and I love the fabrics she has chosen. They are very nice.

Katy and I, the two slackers of the bunch, had the least to show. I showed my Sweet Harmony quilt I finished Monday, and the samples from my patriotic pattern I’m giving away later today. (I’ll show pictures of them in that post.)

And my list for this time is pretty much the same as last time. Only 3 things, and two of them are the ones I didn’t get done last time. 

1) Finish my Patriotic Challenge quilt

2) Finish my pinwheel challenge quilt (top only)

3) Oh my gosh! I can’t even remember what #3 is . . . more on that later, I guess. My brain must be fried . . . (I was out too late last night!)

We meet again August 4th . . . 28 days away . . .

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