My Journal Quiltlet

Almost an entire year ago (but not quite), I wrote this post.

My goal in making Journal Quiltlets was to test out techniques I wanted to try, practice something I didn’t feel comfortable at, try new things on a small scale, and be able to do it without messing up a large project.

If something flops completely, I’ll have absolutely no guilt just pitching the entire thing.

I have my first Journal Quiltlet started.

I have wanted to try Jacobean Applique, but I don’t want to do an entire large quilt. I just want to try it. I have this book:

So I took one of the designs from the book and fitted it to the size of my Journal Quiltlet, 8 1/2″ x 11″.

I love working with tiny pieces, by the way . . . have I mentioned that before?

I’m almost done with the applique. I have to embroider the stems when I’m done. I did all that marking with a Clover white ball-point pen that irons out. It’s my favorite white marking pencil at the moment (for things I don’t intend to press until they’re finished).

I’m debating what to do on the sides. The applique is only in the middle, and I want to do some sort of piecing down the sides, using the same hand-dyed fabrics I used for the applique (meaning, in bright colors). I don’t know whether to do some sort of crazy patch piecing, or do something organized and elegant . . . What would you do?

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  1. Gorgeous! What wonderful idea! For the sides – what about a stained glass treatment using paper piecing?

  2. I would do some simple machine stitching. It is going to be lovely!

  3. Neat idea. Looking forward to seeing your finished journal page.

  4. Good luck with it! can’t wait to see! I have no idea… you’re on your own with this one! 😉 hows the other one going? from the retreat?

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