It Has a Name!

You all really came through!

And it was a much harder decision than I thought it would be.

To be completely honest, I wondered when I first put out the call for suggestions:

What if I don’t like ANY of them?

Totally NOT the problem, I can assure you. 

I wrote them all out in a list, and studied it . . . 

Narrowed it down a bit . . .

Studied some more . . .

Narrowed some more . . .

. . . and back and forth . . .

. . . and am I sufficiently dragging this out for you yet?

Suspense killing you?

I narrowed it down to my three favorites,

then asked My Cowboy which one he liked best.

Let me just state for the record right now:

He was absolutely no help at all.

That left it all up to me.

I thought about throwing them in the famous pink soup bowl and drawing one out, but then I decided I needed to just suck it up and make a final decision. Have I ever mentioned what a problem I have with doing that very thing?

Don’t even get My Cowboy started on my inability to decide on something . . . anything . . . it’s a sore spot with the poor man.

Oh, and I took some more pictures, too . . .

Only I’m not sure I like them any better than the first set. 

And since I have my doubts that I’ll be able to improve them any further, I’m just going to use what I’ve got.

Getting anxious?

Have you already scrolled on down to skip my drivel and see which one I chose?

I don’t blame you . . .

Here’s what I picked:

Liberty Stars

It was a suggestion from the Patchwork Queen, so she wins a copy of the pattern.

And boy, am I glad that’s over!

Thanks to all of you for your many wonderful suggestions (I got 40!) — I won’t ever be afraid to ask again, since I know you’ll come through in style!

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  1. I think the name is perfect!

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