Wishful Thinking

Casey wants to go hunting.

It’s what he lives for.

I’m sure he dreams about it, his little feet flipping in his sleep as he chases down a bunny he’ll never actually catch.

Beagles that are trained for hunting take their work very seriously, and they are avid hunters, stubborn and persistent. Once on a hot trail, they would actually run until they die from dehydration and exhaustion — literally run themselves to death — that’s how persistent they can be. That’s why they must be supervised . . . 

It was one year ago this week that I fell in love with Casey and brought him home. Could YOU have passed this up?

My Cowboy makes fun of Casey’s looks . . . his head is a bit too large for his body, he’s as wide as he is tall, he looks like a bulldog from behind at times, and he never got very tall, and therefore, has fairly stubby little legs, which I think are absolutely adorable. We say he’s part Bassett hound . . . even though he’s a full-blooded registered beagle with champion parentage! How does this happen?

Believe it or not, despite his non-beagle-like conformation, and the fact that I only wanted him for a pet, Casey IS trained for hunting, and although his legs are too short for him to ever be champion material, he is one dedicated hound. I can’t turn him loose without a long string attached so that I can get him back, because if he should happen upon a trail, he’d be gone! With the 30-foot cord, I can catch him without having to actually catch up with him.

Because when he’s hunting, he goes deaf! He is so singleminded of purpose, he can’t hear or pay attention to ANYthing else. Nothing can deter him from the business at hand — trying to find a rabbit trail.

So when I had him out last night, and he came to the end of his cord, he was still a few feet from the nearest brushy area, where he was just certain that he could find a rabbit trail, if only he could reach it. This lovely stance elicited yet another “bulldog” comment from My Cowboy.

I was trying to take his picture, so I was calling his name and whistling, trying to get him to turn around and pay attention to me. Have I mentioned the deaf, dedicated, persistent, stubborn part? Yeah . . . well — he completely ignored me — the ENTIRE time! I never did get a picture of him from the front. He kept his back to me, dreaming and wishing he could get to that brushy area and get down to business.

If the weather would ever cooperate, I’ll be taking him out to go hunting for real, along with my other two beagles, Jack and Rocky. Jack has been on bed rest, but seems to have fully recovered, so it’s time . . . Casey’s dreams will come true.

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  1. I’m pleased to read Jack is well. Now the three fellows will have lots of fun running and hunting. So… enjoy !!
    As for Casey, I find him so cute I can easily imagine why you fell in love with that adorable face. Big hugs to all of you !

  2. That puppy picture is TOO CUTE for words. It makes me remember Daisy, our famil pup when I was growing up. You are SO right about the deafness. She wasn’t trained, per se. But it was surely in her. We had to be really careful or she would get lost “hunting” while we were out as a family doing things like getting firewood.

  3. Casey is very cute. He certainly hasn’t outgrown his cuteness. I think his face is adorable. Give him a big hug and a kiss from me.

  4. We have a beagle-chow mix and he, Hogan, is as rabbit crazy as your Casey. Living in town, he doesn’t get the chance to run, and it breaks my heart. Though, even on a walk and at the end of a leash, he’s managed to snag a couple baby rabbits. Gosh, that’s almost worse… hearing those baby bunnies squeak.

  5. He is just a loveable little guy. Wish he was here ’cause I’d let him keep the rabbits out of my garden. My Lab thinks they’re cats..and he loves the cats.

  6. What is it about beagles?! They just tug at my heartstrings!

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