6 Things

Thing One: There’s no Procrastination Challenge update today, because there has been no progress on said challenge piece. I’ve now lost $40 and will lose the rest of it if a spell of magic penny-rug making mojo doesn’t hit me in time.

Thing Two: Big Dan and Gidget are now two years old. Miss Kitty hates them more every day.

Thing Three: Bonnie has quit limping. This is really good news, even though it still doesn’t mean I can ride her. And this is what I wish I was doing right about now . . . I do so need a nap.

Thing Four: Have I ever mentioned how much I love life in the country? I got that feeling reinforced all this past weekend, when My Cowboy and I went to two different neighborhood gatherings. It’s just comfortable, no matter where you go. And the food is always incredible. I don’t have a single picture to share because I was too busy having fun (and eating) to take any!

Thing Five: Speaking of eating, I’m making Pasta House Salad for supper tonight. It’s one of My Cowboy’s favorites, believe it or not!

Thing Six: Terri the Terrible Terrier says HI . . .. . . or something to that effect.

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  1. Hang in there! Life can be sooooo busy!

  2. Cute post! Love your six things.

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