28 Days Is Not Enough

Not enough for me to even do 3 measly things. 

The QQB meets tonight, and I thought I was being quite reasonable by only putting 3 things on my list for this time, but do you think I could do them even then? Nope . . . it’s because I have this little problem . . .  

As soon as I put something on a list, that’s a sure sign that I’ll just stop working on it. 

I think I’m confusing my brain. Usually, if I write something down, that means I don’t have to remember it in my head any more. Evidently, my brain also thinks that once I make a list, that means I’ve now written it down, and don’t have to remember it in my head any more. Never mind that I’ll probably never again see the paper whereupon I wrote whatever thing it was that I don’t need to remember any more. No wonder I’m confused  . . .

Maybe I should title my list “Things I Have No Intention Of Doing Anytime Soon”. Then those would naturally be the exact things I want to work on, right? In the hopes that it really will work that way, I’m giving that title to my QQB list this month, and we’ll see what happens. I’ll let you know how it turns out. 

Oh, and be sure to check back tomorrow and see what the other members of my little group have accomplished. I think their brains probably work a little better than mine.

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  1. Oh, yeah, this makes perfect sense!
    I don’t make a list of the projects I need to do. However, when I do finish something, I list it in my sidebar. As the year progresses, I can see that I am, indeed, accomplishing a few things.
    It’s just what works for me.
    Happy quilting,

  2. You put 3 things on you list and then do 526 OTHER things. Then you realize you haven’t completed the 3 original projects and tell yourself you haven’t accompished anything. Silly girl! You get more accomplished in a month than I do in a year! Have fun tonight!

  3. I agree with Karin! You get more done than any one I know….sure, maybe they aren’t the exact ones on your list, but they had to get done also you know.

    But actually, the whole concept makes total sense to me. Maybe I need to go check my temperature…..

  4. Mom always said she told us kids stuff so she didn’t have to remember and it was up to us to remind her of whatever she told us. Of course we never remembered either.

  5. I like your reverse thinking…might have to try that.

    Vivian’s blocks are coming along beautifully, btw.

  6. I agree with Karin, but I also like the idea of a list of things we have no intention of doing! I did decide to abandon a sewing project (first time in my life), because it wasn’t fun. I decided I had too many other things I actually wanted to get done and wanted to work on. Not enough time to fart around with things I hate working on! ha ha.

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