QA Report #29

Vivian’s Flowers . . . 

Progress . . . 

Imagine my relief . . . 

I re-thunk it a bit.

I’ve been staring at the picture I took of one of the blocks I did.

This one, for example:

Something seemed missing.

And I knew what.

So I fixed it.

Doesn’t this look much better?

Having the stitching go all the way around and define each petal just looks better to me than only around the outer edge.

Sure, it’s more stitching, but sometimes the extra effort is just worth it in the end.

Also, I wanted to show you all the rest of the blocks.

I had to take pictures of them in groups, so bear with me.

I wanted you to get to see all the fun fabrics used in each one.

Aren’t they just so fun?

This quilt is really fun to work on.

I have about half of the background blocks cut and ready to have their flowers appliqued on.

If I can just keep at the handwork part, all will turn out as planned . . . 

Meanwhile, go check on everyone else over at Bari’s. That’s all I have for this week’s report.

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  1. I love the added stitching! Really makes those blossoms pop! Hang in there – the end result will be a masterpiece! I’m stitching on hexagon flowers and its slow going, but I enjoy the handwork. Next project will have to be something that goes together super fast though to balance things out.

  2. Yes, absolutely. I always stitch all the way around. I didn’t notice it was missing until you said something was missing. You are right, this is just what it needs.

  3. Oh I do love your project…Such fun. Looks great.

  4. The stitching definitely helps, but I hadn’t noticed either until you mentioned it. The fabrics are awesome! This will be beautiful when it is finished! Keep it up! Remember, a little at a time consistently will get you there quicker than you know it.

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