New To Me

I had a burst of creativity that did not involve quilting.

For me, that is rare . . .

I took full advantage . . . 

I was browsing an antiques and collectibles shop (a huge one), and found a wire milk-bottle carrier.

I wanted it in the worst way. I wanted to bring it home, find milk bottles to fit in it, and fill all the milk bottles with buttons. Just as another cute way to store the too-large button collection I have.

But I didn’t buy it.

I was a cheapskate. I couldn’t justify the price, then more money to get bottles, and on and on. I mean, how much does one need to spend on storage for buttons, anyway? And where exactly would I have put it, since there isn’t a single clear surface in my entire house or studio?

So I promised myself that if I would work on said house and studio and make a clear spot, and if at that time, I still wanted the milk-bottle carrier, and still desired to store my buttons in such a fashion, and the store still has it at that time, and the stars are all aligned just right, then I can go back and get it. Like any of that will ever happen . . .

So instead, I spent $3 and bought this little tray thingie:

Boring, huh?

I don’t have a clear surface to set this on, either, but that didn’t stop me. I thought it might help to corral some of the other wayward items I fling around while working. Truthfully, I figured it was just the ticket to hold beads, charms, and other little things I’m working with when I work on crazy quilt pieces and beaded things.

As if I do a whole lot of that.

But, the one time a year when I decide that’s my project, hey, I’ll be ready now!

So I spruced it up a bit. I covered the inside with cowboy paper.Here’s how I did it. Because I know you wanna know. 

I measured each compartment of the box.

Then I cut a piece of paper to fit each compartment. Since my paper was directional, I made sure that they were all cut the proper direction so they’d all be right side up. This is so rocket science, isn’t it?

Then I used Yes! Paste. Not because I’m an expert and just instinctively knew that Yes! Paste was the way to go, but because I had no clue, so I asked, and was told by an expert that Yes! Paste is what I should use because it doesn’t wrinkle your paper. And now I feel much smarter my ownself.

I brushed it on the back side of each piece of paper. And yes, I like the back side of this as much as the front, so it pained me to do it. I may have to go buy more so I can use the other side for something.

Then I put the pieces of paste-coated paper down into each compartment and rubbed them flat.

And now I have a cuter box instead of one so boring.

Maybe it’ll inspire me to work on my Crazy Quilting and beading more often. Then again, maybe not . . .

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  1. VERY cool!

  2. What a great idea!

  3. Very cute. I think you could even hang this on the wall and use it as a little shelf to store little stuff.

    I have a little salt shaker filled with buttons. That’s a cute way to store buttons. I could see this container hanging on the wall with salt shakers full of buttons in each cubby hole!

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