The Challenge Revealed

Last night was guild meeting.

It was the guild meeting where our Patriotic Challenge pieces were to be revealed.

Kay and I were in charge of the challenge.

We wrote the rules, got the prizes, and ran the show last night. Neither one of us got finished with our own challenge piece! We both entered something else we had made instead of what we intended. 

Kay had a good excuse. Just during the last few months, she’s had a death in the family, a birth in the family (which required a visit to Texas to see the new grandbaby), her basement (which is her sewing room) flooded (twice) and had to be completely remodeled, and she had shoulder surgery. She hasn’t gotten to do much quilting!

I, on the other hand, am just a procrastinating slacker. I have no good excuse. So I entered one of my Liberty Stars buntings — it was all I had ready!

We had 11 entries in the challenge. Guild members were challenged to create a patriotic piece. It could be, but did not have to be, a quilt, but it had to be an item that had quilting on it somewhere, such as a quilted tote, or an apron. There were no size restrictions, but it had to have a red/white/blue color scheme. Voting was by Viewer’s Choice. We let members browse the entries for 15 minutes, then they had to pick a favorite. What’s yours?

First prize went to Kay! I see that it worked out well for her to just enter something she already had done.

Second prize went to Kathy. The embroidery on her piece was gorgeous.

Third prize went to Debbie. This is only the second piece Debbie ever made and quilted. 

When asked if the buttons on certain states signified anything in particular, her answer was: “Well, when I was drawing the states, I accidentally added in an extra one, and I had to cover it up, so then I just put on more buttons so that one wouldn’t look odd, but no, they aren’t in any particular spots, although the one in Missouri is for Kirksville (the town where she lives).” Aren’t the stories behind some quilts just so funny?

So there you have it. Our little challenge and the winners. My real challenge piece is almost finished, and I do hope to have it done real soon. I’ll show it to you later. All these quilts are to hang in our local annual show next June as a group. Kay says she’ll have hers finished by then, too. I’ll keep reminding her. Will someone keep reminding me?

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  1. Some great entries! In my survey of them, Kathy’s was my pick before I read about who won. Looks like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Consider that my prompt… he he

  2. Oh, and I meant to say, cut yourself some slack. You’ve had a lot on your plate, too! Just organizing that event would send me over the edge. 🙂

  3. I love guild challenges! Your looked like fun — lots of great entries!! And I agree with Stephanie – cut yourself some slack — you co-organized the whole thing! 🙂

  4. Man, I keep waiting to see the final product with anticipation! 🙂 I’m thinking about it tonight as I’m finally posting about the retreat and your stars…bless my stars!…are fantastic!

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