An Exercise in Hilarity

My Cowboy brought home a new horse.

Of course, the crew couldn’t wait to meet him.

Naturally, every time something new happens around the horses, their natural curiosity renders them totally incapable of acting like they have any sense at all. All the snorting, head tossing, bucking, frisking, running, and general silliness makes for great entertainment!

The new boy, Yeller, didn’t care too much what they thought, though. All he wanted was to find a place to stop, put his head down, and munch some grass.

But the crew couldn’t stand it, so they badgered him. See the grass hanging out of his mouth as he’s trying to get away from them?

Enough, already!

I just wanna eat!

They simply cannot understand it.

Why doesn’t he wanna play with us? Do you think he’ll maybe wanna play after he’s had lunch? Let’s just pretend like we don’t care, and see if he comes around . . .

After their spell of acting like total idiots, they’re all doing fine, now. I think Yeller’s gonna fit right in. Me . . . my stomach still hurts from all the laughing.

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  1. Awe! Welcome to the newest member of the family! If your cowboy is anything like mine, one can never have too many horses!

  2. Ya’ gotta’ love horses. They always bring a smile! (‘sept when they buck you off)

  3. Our goats are quite entertaining as well. I love to watch them.

  4. How funny!

  5. What a nice looking colt! He looks like he will fit right in – and yes, they sure are fun to watch as they get their pecking order figured out and their curiosity satisified!

  6. […] time, we didn’t invite the resident crew in on the […]

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