Weekly Challenge – August 27

My best friend once told me she thinks I spend way too much time organizing my scraps. At the time, I poo-pooed that idea, and swore it was all worth it.

Well, it IS worth it when I go to make a scrap quilt, because everything is mostly already cut, but wow, does it ever take a lot of time to keep them organized! I’ve told myself that I need to just tend to them more often, then they wouldn’t get out of control like they do . . . say, for instance, 15 minutes a day, or once a week, but I never follow through with that.

All this to say that having a goal of organizing ALL the wayward fabric in one week was a bit lofty, even for me, the pie-in-the-sky girl.

So even though I’ve made a bit of progress, I’m not done. So . . . I’m going to keep this goal as my Weekly Challenge for next week, and wait until then to show you pictures. I can do this! I just need more time . . .

What will YOU be working on?

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  1. Once you get them organized the key is to keep the bits and pieces cut up and not let them pile up. Getting rid of my scrap basket has worked wonders. As for this weekend, I hope to start quilting Oklahoma Backroads.

  2. Man, I am so intimidated by my huge pile, I cannot even seem to get started. I need to get on top of mine, too.

  3. I’m impressed with all you do get done. Especially with all the time ya’ll have been spending on the road! So your a ‘pie in the sky’ kinda gal too! What kind of pie?! Hmmm…now I’m craving pie! I’m thinking berry.

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