Quotes From The Road

My Cowboy and I have been traveling a lot lately.

This means many hours spent in the pickup going down the road.

What it also means is having many, many discussions on numerous topics, mostly brought on by things we witness or think about as we go.

We’re both real good at putting our own spin on things we see, and we share the same sick sense of humor, so we can make up an entire scenario that probably couldn’t be further from the truth of the situation we actually saw. Mostly our stories involve people or places, but sometimes animals are involved. For example . . .

My Cowboy narrowly missed running over and smashing a box turtle that was crossing the road. Not too far down the road we saw another box turtle contemplating making the same journey.

My Cowboy quips: “I never thought of turtles as migratory wanderers.”

I replied: “Me, neither. You would think they’d pick a spot to live and just stay put.”

My Cowboy: “But you see them crossing highways all the time.”

Me: “I know. A turtle crossing the highway must feel much like a person who decides to walk from Houston to Canada.”

My Cowboy: “But he’s probably thinking it’s worth it, because there are way more crickets chirping on the other side of the road than on his side.”

Me: “And he wouldn’t want to miss THAT party!”

See? Very intelligent, useful, and world-changing banter goes on in the cab of our truck.

This particular trip has involved at least 10 hours each day of this type of conversation, so I’m listing here a small sampling of the quotable quotes that have come from this journey. I may have to write a book!

“This town must have its own private architect.”

“You need to be like one of those raccoons that doesn’t live in a tree.”

“Now THAT is just irony at its very finest.”

“That was a whole buncha nothin’.”

“What about on my underwear?”

“I’ll name my horse Sven.”

“That’s nigh . . . gooh . . . dubl . . . phtha . . . uh . . . whatever you wanna call it.”

“He was no Tom Selleck. He was more of a Tony Soprano.”

“You got toadstools left.”

“It’s a watch-goose.”

“There’s one in every herd.”

“All. My. Life. I’ve wanted to be a semi-truck driver. No, wait, that was my cousin, Brad.”

“August 26, 1964: Dear Diary . . . August 26, 2010: Dear Diary, nothing has changed.”

Am I the only one who gets a kick out of random quotes taken out of context? Maybe you just had to be there . . .

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  1. Baaahahaa!! I love it! And I can *so* relate! My fire fighter and I enjoy conversations like that, too! 🙂

  2. That’s great. I love it! Yes, write the book.

  3. You know that I am married to man who is farm-born, and he has wonderful expressions, too! Truck travel time is great for sharing!

  4. Definitely write the book…it would be a best seller.

  5. My hubby and I have the same kind of stupid conversations, sometimes…. that, basically only he and I understand!


    Don’t cha just LOVE it?!??!?! *VBG*

    Tks for sharing!


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