The Quilting Cupboard

On our recent travels, I got to stop in at a quilt shop I had never been to before. It’s called The Quilting Cupboard, and it’s in Valentine, Nebraska, on Highway 83 north. My friend, Yvonne, recommended it to me.

It’s an old house, built in the 1800’s as the parsonage for the church next door. It’s been carefully restored and turned into the most fantastic quilt shop.

There are many rooms in the house. Each one of them is chock full of goodies. Truthfully, I couldn’t decide where to go when. But we’ll start as you come in. This is the downstairs as you come in and turn left. The doorway you can see at the far right goes into a room full of books and patterns.If you turn right when you come in the door instead, you see this room . . .

. . . and you can then go on into the kitchen to your left, which is just beyond adorable. (I wanted to move in to the house!) Just past the kitchen is the shop’s office. I want this kitchen. I want this house!

If you walk in the front door of the shop and just keep going straight, you go upstairs . . . and once you get up there, you see on the right . . .

. . . and the next room . . .

. . . and around the corner to the left . . .

There are actually two other rooms I did not take pictures of, and the downstairs is set up as their classroom space. The shop is owned by Susan Stec, but they don’t have a web site yet. Their real address is 130 West Fourth Street in Valentine, Nebraska.

It’s a great shop, and I highly recommend that you go check it out if you’re ever in the area. Yvonne says there’s another shop with sewing supplies in Valentine, too, so I may have to go back and find that one on our next trip. But I’ll definitely be stopping at The Quilting Cupboard again, too!

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  1. Thanks for the info on the history of the house. I was there about a year ago (I live 2 hours away). I thought it was really neat and would love to get back there.

  2. Did you do any damage there? We’d like to see fabric! Notions! Threads!

  3. I go through Valentine when I go from ND to Kansas! I’ll have to stop the next time we go though.

  4. Your right..what a cool house. I love the older homes. I would love to refurbish an older home.
    Did you buy any fabric there?

  5. Thanks for the recommend! We travel through Nebraska sometimes. It looks like a great shop. I love shops that when you walk in, you just don’t want to leave. Fun.

  6. I visited this quilt shop in my travels…incredible house, great fabrics.

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