QA Report #32

It’s a new month already?!

That means I get to pick a new thing to work on for the next month . . .

That IS the funnest part for me, after all.

In spite of my efforts, I’m still only plugging away at about a block a week on Vivian’s Flowers. I really need to step that up. I got one more done last week:

I’m having so much fun with these. Would you look at the fun fabrics in the block? See the one with the penguins? That alone will keep me sticking with it . . . getting to see all the neat old fabrics.

But now it’s time for a new QA project, and I’m picking something that really needs to be done, and I won’t do it any other way than making myself accountable like this, so here goes . . .

I’m going to get all my stray fabric under control. I made a dent in the overflowing basket last week, but I still have several piles that need attention, and it’s my goal to take this month and get it all put where it belongs. (I tried to do it in one week, then realized it’s a bigger project than I thought!) It’ll clear up some space, get me more organized, and for sure make me feel a whole lot better.

Check back next week. I’ll let you know how it’s going. Meanwhile, go see what everyone else is doing over at Bari’s.

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  1. Looking good. I see you decided to blanket stitch all the way down to the flower center. I like it. Good luck getting your fabric organized. I still need to cut up my scraps Bonnie Hunter style. I just can’t seem to get started on it. I think I have a fear that if I cut it into a strip, then suddenly I’ll need that big chunk of uncut fabric. Yeah, right…

  2. Hang in there! I’ll bet you can get it done.

  3. Keep stitching, You will have a finished top before you know it. I do love those fabrics, such fun.

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